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Mr. Postman

I’m out-of-town, dog in tow, and something’s missing. Turns out it isn’t the first time I’ve had this feeling. Case in point: an excerpt from one of my very first posts from August 25, 2009.

I’ve been away on business with my dog Rory for almost a week. I thought I would pine for our daily walks in Central Park; my idle conversations with neighbors on their stoops; or the energy that is Manhattan.

stack of mailInstead, I miss my mail.

What excites me most about my return home — besides sleeping on my own pillow — is seeing what treasures await in the stash of mail that is being held for me at the post office.

I don’t know if my feelings are unique to freelancers. I hope to see checks in the mail, of course. But I will be equally psyched to see letters, magazines, catalogs, theater and event postcards, and heck, even my bills.

I also miss the afternoon saunter to the mailbox; it’s a break I anticipate and enjoy. Here, in my friend’s apartment, there’s only email, and its constant stream — while immediate, necessary, and appreciated — doesn’t have the romance or charm of my daily snail mail delivery.

So, to my mailman back in Manhattan — I miss you. I appreciate you. And I hope you got my hold order. ‘Cause if I come home to an overflowing box of mangled mail…

I’ll have to kill you.

The squirrel whisperer

Students in my college courses can attest to my habit of using unusual examples to illustrate concepts during class.  One of my favorites?


It began innocently enough.  A student asked a question, and as I was trying to think of a good analogy, I spied a squirrel outside the classroom window.

So I went there.

And I liked where it went.  Now future classes have heard me use the squirrel in various analogies ever since.  Yes, they give me strange looks at first.  But they eventually come around…or, I like to think so.


Not actual robosquirrel used (but wouldn’t it be awesome??)

Which is why I greeted the story of the ‘robosquirrel,’ a biology project at San Diego State University focused on predator/prey interaction, with much affection.

I know it has gained national attention because of its $325,000 price tag, and its funding from the National Science Foundation, and ultimately, taxpayer dollars.

I’m not here to debate all that.

I just want to say, to any of my former students who may be reading this blog…

SEE???  Squirrel stories work.

They really do.

10 and counting


Happy 10th Anniversary, Point Taken!

Thanks for taking me along for the ride.