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Eating dots

Quick — wanna look busy?


Play the World’s Biggest Pac-Man game right on your computer!

It’s going on now online, and is being played by people around the world.

The mazes are interconnected and go on and on and on.  You can start wherever you want and play as long and as far as your skill will take you.  You can also play alone or challenge competitors online, and check your stats against…


There now.  Doesn’t that sound like a whole lot more fun than work??


Let the games continue!

Let the makers of XBox, GameBoy, Nintendo, and every other video, digital, and handheld game rejoice — it’s not your fault!

Up to now, society has been happy to point the finger firmly in your direction when people asked: why are America’s teenagers so fat?

“They’re sitting inside all day and night, playing those evil video games!”

“They’re not getting enough exercise — they just sit and stare at their computers!”

Why not blame technology?  The theory was a pretty easy sell.  But a recent study confirms that, over the past two decades, the amount of exercise that teens are getting has not changed.

They still aren’t getting enough, but the advent of technology hasn’t made the numbers worse.

Thank goodness. I can keep typing.

Yep, the real culprit is — you guessed it — diets with too much fat and calories.

Hope they didn’t pay too much for that study. (Should have used their computers more…)