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Oh, great Apple:

Your products have seduced legions of worshippers, prostrate before thee at your Apple chapels.

But your plugs are a sin.



An Android agnostic

Sit up straight

I have seen a lot of articles of late on how to achieve the desired posture while sitting at my desk.

desk postureI  didn’t use to have to worry about this kind of thing.

The folks who requisitioned my office furniture did.

But I home office — like more and more workers out there — so now the ergonomics of our home office space is up to us.

You can spend a lot of money on desks and chairs and ‘strategery’ your layout, but some spine czars say simple things like putting a pillow behind your back can make a big difference.

My favorite piece of advice?

Put a book on your head.  Your body automatically aligns itself to maintain balance.  I’ve tried this one, and it works — on me, a little too well.

You see, my head is really flat. I can slump and the book stays.

(That’s why I like this method so much.)


When I was home for Christmas last December, my three nephews were joking about the perils of having their mom and aunts on Facebook and Twitter.

They just never know when we may chime in on something they post.

i love my auntToday I drove that point home.

I was stuck on the computer all day, working on a project with a tight deadline.  When I needed a break, I would check Twitter; my nephew Nathaniel had just posted something every time.

So did I.

Each time I commented on his tweet or posted a tweet in reply, I added the hashtag #AuntsonTwitter.  We chatted back and forth for quite a while, having a great time…or so I thought.  Then he posted his own hashtag —


Whatever do you think it means??!?!

Mind your words

While attempting to chat with my sister on Skype today — she was either away from her computer or ignoring me — I noticed a feature for the first time.


Skype allows you to review chats with your individual contacts for up to a year previous.


So while I was waiting for Lou to respond — she didn’t — I re-read a chat conversation we had last October.

“Memories…light the corners of my mind.”

If Lou were around,  she’d appreciate that.


Everyone says we need to take a break from the Internet from time to time and reconnect with reality.

Well, my laptop’s hard drive forced the issue by dying last weekend, and I’m here to report —


Not because I can’t live without it — although I prefer not to — but because the world of work and play revolves around the Internet more and more. I dare you to try and go without your laptop a few days and get any work accomplished — it is really hard!

Thank goodness I had my phone and iPad to pick up the slack. I still had to use public computers to help with printing.

I am restoring my laptop hard drive as I type this, with dreams of a normal world swirling around in my head. Could it be tomorrow? The next day??

It can’t be too soon.

Stick it to me

The Sticky Egg is late toDAY.

i was TRAVelING  and DIDN’T HAVe reliable INTERnet Access for aWHILE.  Then I had to head straight into meetings when I GOT TO NEW york.

oh — anD DID i mention the stiCKY CAp lock key on my computer?

you may HAVe noticed it by now YOURSELf.  IT’S PROBABLy one of the most anNOYING THINGS i’ve dealT WIth this week (AND THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING).

YOU SEe, THIS is A new LAPtop.  it was FINE WHEN i got it out of the box.  But afTER A couple of weeks, tHE TAb key anD THE LEFT SHIFT KEY STARted aCTING LIKE THE CAP lock key.  Then the control key, escapE KEY ANd a FEW of the number keys joined in, too.


IT’S A capITAl conspiraCY.

i havE CALled HP — THAT’s the BRANd of computer I’M USING — ANd am IN THE PROCESS OF CONVINCING THEM i haVE A defective keyboarD.  (we haVE TO GO THROUGH THE NECESSARy softwarE CHECKS FIRST.)


WhaDDA you think?