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Space cadet

If you watched Conan last night — or this morning on DVR like me — you saw his interview with astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield, who recently retired after his return from a six-month stint on the International Space Station.

While he was there, he conducted experiments on the impact of low gravity on human biology.

But that didn’t score him a guest shot on Conan.

No, Hadfield used Twitter and Facebook to chronicle life on the space station in video and pictures.  In fact, his cover of David Bowie has received over 18 million hits on Youtube.

Let’s add a few more.

Team Sicko

CrazyCocoSee Conan.

See Conan bowl.

See Conan dance?


Conan is kicking one of his writers, right after that same writer hit a strike that helped Team CoCo ultimately beat Chris Hardwick’s Team Nerdist in a bowling challenge.

Apparently Conan hit his writers that night when he was happy, and when he was sad.  And when Hardwick commented on  the behavior (when he was a guest on Conan this week), O’Brien admitted that he does it all the time.  And that the writer “could leave whenever he wanted.”

Nice guy.

I’ve had co-workers in the past who hit for ’emphasis.’  I can only imagine what it must be like, dealing with a egomaniac boss who thinks he can pop you whenever he wants.  And does.

There is nothing funny about that.

Giddy off

Many of my childhood beliefs have been shaken, but there’s one that holds firm:

If you suffer a bruise, you show the bruise.

On this Conan and I agree.

O’Brien fell off a water buffalo — of all things — while rehearsing a bit for a visit from animal expert David Mizejewski Tuesday night. Conan hit the stage floor hard…and the bit didn’t make the live show.

But the bruise on his thigh sure did.

Wednesday night Conan dropped trou and displayed the enormous purple souvenir of his not-so-smart ride for all to see. The studio audience. The band. Andy Richter. And oh yeah…

All the folks at home watching on TV.

At first glance you might think, “Geez, Conan — will you stop at nothing to get a laugh?” But I understand that, in this case, it goes beyond comedy —

He suffered the bruise. He shows the bruise.

It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

Drum roll, please

Last night on Conan, the house band had a new sound.

A really big sound.

Conan has added, on a trial basis, a timpani drum.  He used it to introduce both himself and his guests.

It was seriously cool.

Don’t remember what a timpani drum sounds like?  Take a listen.

Isn’t that awesome?  Wouldn’t everything — and everybody — sound more important and more exciting if they were introduced with a timpani drum?

Yes.  Yes, they would.

Which got me thinking — my blog posts should be even better if they were preceded by the sound of a timpani drum…right?

I’ll get to work on that.

Laughing live

I was in the audience for last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Now, I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of shows live here in New York City. Live with Regis and Kelly, Millionaire, Late Show with David Letterman, Conan (back in the day), Silent Library. Heck, I’ve already been to Anderson Cooper’s new daytime talk show.

I’m kinda spoiled.

But Jimmy Fallon has played hardball with me. You see, I had tickets to Late Night in March but had to cancel last minute due to work commitments.  When I called to let them know — and I did call — they thanked me profusely…and then placed me on a ‘no reservations list’ for two months.

Thanks, Jimmy.  Thanks, Mr. Nice Guy.

But last night’s Late Night was easily the most fun I have ever had as part of a live audience.  Jonah Hill killed in his interview.  I have never been so surprised or laughed so hard.  Plus, Jimmy featured Hashtags — who doesn’t love Hashtags? — and a new episode of the “Jersey Floor.”  I even liked the musical guest Elbow.  (Look them up; they’re really good.)

So, I forgive you, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, for your archaic cancelation policy.

You funnied the fume right out of me.

Tweet this

It’s no secret that Conan — and, for that matter, all the late-night talk shows — are taped much earlier in the day.

(Sorry.  I thought you knew.  Oh, and the Easter Bunny?  He’s really Russell Brand.)

Lately Conan has been taking advantage of the early taping by having members of his staff ‘live tweet’ the show during its East Coast air time.

It’s pretty fun.  They open a thread on Twitter, make comments as events unfold on the show, and reply to tweets sent in by viewers.

Last night, Conan himself decided to lead the conversation.  It was quite the event; they announced it hours ahead of time.

Then he live tweeted the show…on Facebook.

Now, I know some people use the two social media interchangeably.  Their tweets post on Facebook and vice versa.  I’ve complained about it before in this space.

But Facebook fans of Team Coco, back me up on this one:  the endless stream of out-of-context one-liners that Conan posted from 11p-12a ET last night didn’t belong on Facebook.

They were tweets, not Facebook status updates.  There is a difference, whether we like to admit it or not.

The Twitter audience is different.  The expectation in language and content is different.  The frequency, for cripes sake, is different.

I know I can hide Team Coco status updates on Facebook, just as I can hide Twitter feeds.  I can also walk away, which is what I chose to do.

I’m just surprised that an entertainer who has been so social media savvy throughout his career — and even more so when his career tanked — would make such an amateur mistake.

No cryin’ here

What’s Saturday morning without cartoons?

Okay, okay — not a cartoon per se.  It’s Jon Cryer, the saner star of Two and A Half Men.…as a troll.

Yep.  Charlie Sheen made the surprising revelation about his former co-star during one of his recent rants, and Jon confirmed the rumor Thursday night during an unannounced appearance on Conan.

It was an emotional and moving confession in which Jon outed other celebrity trolls, including Paul Giamatti, Helen Mirren and Conan sidekick Andy Richter.

You know, I’ve kinda avoided the whole Charlie Sheen craziness.  But this latest incident really helped clear something up for everyone:

Jon Cryer is the funny one.

Comedy pays?

TBS sports the slogan “very funny.”

But I’m afraid, after they finish promoting the premiere of Conan’s O’Brien’s new show on November 8th, it might be “very Chapter 11.”

I’ve never really worried about a network before…but I worry about TBS.  They seem like such a small group of underdogs.  When they initially adopted the “very funny” slogan, it was more aspirational than point of fact.

And now, with “Conan” on their lineup, battling it out with David and Jay (albeit with a half-hour head start), they’re spending the big bucks to make sure this late night venture is a success.

Or, at the very least, lasts more than six months.

Conan’s got a blimp — have you seen it?  It’s big and orange and inflated like his head.  Since I follow Team CoCo on Facebook, I get what seems like hourly tweets updating me on the blimp’s location…and the sucker’s all over the place.

Conan’s doing lots of promos on TV, of course, and I even saw an ad at the movie theater where he washes his desk a la wet t-shirt contest.  It’s all creative and funny and original and makes me look forward to the show even more.

I just hope there are millions of other people just like me.  For Conan’s sake.

And TBS.