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Rory and I were walking to Central Park this morning when we encountered this construction site on the ’30 Rock Block’ (where they used to shoot the exterior of Tina Fey’s apartment).

The hand-lettered sign reads

C. M.

Is this a thing?

Even with the additional clue of the Con
Ed truck, I don’t know what that means.

Construction Mess?
Currency Manipulation?
Crystal Meth?

Sorry…too much Breaking Bad.

Any ideas?

Ode to construction

I think there is a tiny flaw
in New York City’s book of law
that would allow a power saw
to whine outside my window —

All. Day. Long.

There is no where I can withdraw
from blades that whirr and gnash and gnaw.
To think I once enjoyed the thaw!
I miss the quiet of snow —

All. Day. Long.

circular saw blade
That loud screech was the final straw!
I’m headed uptown to the spa
where insane cackles (ha ha ha!)
don’t matter ’cause you glow…

All. Day. Long.

How city dogs communicate

I know dogs and people look at many things with different eyes —

Trees. Trash. Other dogs’ bottoms.

But I am particularly amused by my dog’s fascination with scaffolding.

scaffoldBeing a ‘city dog,’ he passes it almost every day on our way to the park. And he will pull the leash, wanting to cross the street to get to it.

Nothing is more fun, apparently, then sniffin’ and peein’ on scaffolding.

People who live in the city don’t pay much attention to it; we see it come and go with construction projects large and small.  I dare say some tourists may cross the street to avoid it.

But not my dog.

Scaffolding is the best place in town to check his pee-mail.