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A winter blanket

My day was as quiet and as beautiful as this looks.

Central Park Snow 121413 CPsnow121413

Thank you, snow, for giving me a great excuse for some much needed couch time with the Rory Dog.

Bean wake-up call

Rory and I are watching Chopped, enjoying some couch time together post-Singapore, and one of the basket items is…

Baked beans

baked beansOf course, there is much discussion about how the beans are going to work with the striped bass, yadda yadda yadda. But it immediately took me back to Monday morning in Singapore when I ordered your typical bacon-and-eggs breakfast before my training session, and the hotel served them with a side of baked beans.

That woke me up.

But I have to say — they were awesome.  Sweet and smoky in flavor, the baked beans were perfect with the bacon.  In theory I guess it’s not that surprising, but it was a first for me.

May not be the last.

Being green

I’m enjoying some quality couch time today, watching The Open from Sandwich, England.

For those of you who don’t understand how I can sit and watch golf, take a gander at these:

Now…imagine all that beauty in HDTV.

Yeah, I can watch that.