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I watched a little golf this weekend.

It is summer, after all.

And as pro golfer Zach Johnson donned the bright plaid jacket that is as much a part of the Colonial tournament win in Fort Worth Texas as the check and the trophy, it made me wonder —

Why is men’s golf the only sport that gives clothes to the victor?

The traditional jacket, most closely associated with the Masters in Augusta, is actually a sign of membership.  The tournament winner is a member of that country club for a calendar year, until the next tourney, the next winner.

But I still think giving an article of clothing to the winner of a sporting event to mark their achievement is kinda cool. And I’m surprised more sports — especially women’s sports and the clothing brands that support them — haven’t jumped on the bandwagon.

Wouldn’t you want your brand under the bright lights in an awards ceremony? 

(People do watch golf, ya know. )

In writing

For those of you who watched the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, the big question wasn’t:

What will Alec Baldwin do next?

No, the big question surfaced on Twitter moments after the show went off the air.  (Yes, I stayed up that late; I really did.)

Alec Baldwin had said his thank you’s.  The audience was cheering.  The group hugs were just about to commence.  And then Alec held up a sign made out of cue card board that read:

Oh, how Twitter caught fire! Who is this mystery women? Who could she be?

Who is Carla?

Before anyone else says a thing, I claim the cue card. I’ve got your Carla right here.

Yep, it’s me.

You see, I met Alec Baldwin a couple of years ago on the set of 30 Rock.  We spent two days together at a country club outside Tarreytown, New York.  Sure, I was just an extra, but he noticed me…especially when I was pulled forward with two other women to do a scene with Tracey Morgan.

For the next 13 takes, Tracey ad-libbed silly compliments about the three of us. Our job? Laugh at whatever he said. And Alec kept stepping forward to offer ideas for Tracy’s lines.

The important part of this story?  Alec Baldwin spoke to me at one point.  Oh yes, he did.

And here’s the proof in writing — he’s never forgotten either.