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Southern comfort

Did you know Cracker Barrel has an online store?


I was dozing on the couch and a commercial woke me up with the news.

For someone like me who doesn’t live near the Barrel, this is good news. Unfortunately you can’t order those nasty good Southern veggies online…or have Uncle Herschel’s breakfast delivered hot to your door.

But a ceramic owl spoon rest is nice, too.

Good gravy

The South is often stereotyped as being a bit backwards — deservedly so, I’ll admit.

So when there is a glimmer of forward thinking taking place there, I feel like I have to shine a big ol’ light on it.

In this case, an environmentally-responsible one.

Cracker Barrel, a chain of homestyle restaurants known for their yummy, artery-hardening Southern-style cooking, country stores, and rockers on the front porch, are adding electric car charging stations to 24 of their 50 restaurants in April.

The program is part of a $230-million EV project to provide infrastructure and encourage a market for electric cars.  The stations, which require about 30 minutes to complete a charge, send a cellphone signal to owners when their car is ready.  So diners can enjoy another biscuit until their Chevy Volt is amp’ed.

The CEO of Cracker Barrel said he didn’t initially expect a lot of traffic at the stations, but he wanted to offer “a bit of future with their old-fashioned cooking.”

He’s right to wonder.  Are people environmentally-conscious enough to buy a hybrid or electric car going to want to eat at a Cracker Barrel?  Are the two things just too inherently different to co-exist?  I for one hope the electric car owners are willing to meet Cracker Barrel halfway.

Because it’s GOOD.

Southern comforts

I’ve said it before — I’m no foodie.

Many of my friends bemoan the fact.  Here I am, living in New York City, a bazillion wonderful restaurants literally steps from my apartment, and I go out to eat rather infrequently.

I’m an embarrassment to my ‘hood, no doubt.

But send me back to the South for no more than 24 hours, and every Facebook post I make…is about food.  Not the delicacies you would find at the five-star restaurants lining the streets of Manhattan.

Oh, no.

I wax poetic about the Southern-style veggies served for lunch at Cracker Barrel. (Sweet potato casserole — I mean, come on!)

Shed a tear at how much bacon they put on a breakfast platter at the airport diner.  (Nine strips.  That’s just wrong, but oh, so right.)

Smile nostalgically when asked if I’d like “sweet or un-sweet tea.”  (I always choose un-sweet and add my own Sweet ‘n’ Low, but you know you’re in the South when you hear those words.)

I guess you can take the girl out of Fancy Farm, and tempt her with ‘fancy foods,’ but I’ll always have more simple tastes.

Or, as my friend Denny Keller would say…

“You’re so simple.”