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Bubbles in my mind

So I was checking Twitter and learned that Wrigley gum was the first product to feature a bar code.

That’s interesting.

But now I’m craving gum…specifically, bubble gum.


I can see it in my mind.  I can taste it.  But I don’t have gum — shouldn’t buy any, either.  Gum is a no-no, according to my dentist.

But I don’t see my dentist anywhere…


Gone fishin’

I woke up this morning with a powerful craving…

Goldfish crackers

I’m not sure what prompted it, but it’s here.  And I have no choice but to satisfy it.  The question is —

Will one goldfish cracker do the trick?

Uh, no.

Instead, I must consider…

This many.

Seems prudent, seems sensible.  But I wonder if a handful of goldfish crackers will satisfy my craving…or just piss it off?

Make it angrier?

You don’t want to mess with an awesome craving…especially for salty, cheesy goodness that is the goldfish.

Oh yeah.

That’s more like it.

Here, fishy fishy.