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What is it good for?

Twitter_Bird.svgTwitter, that is.

I have lots of friends that just don’t get it and aren’t on it. And I get that. Twitter often causes more harm than good.

But when it comes to customer service, I stand behind the blue bird.

I have had far more success getting results with a single tweet than with hours on hold or emails that go seemingly into the void.

Cable company gripes? Send a tweet. The response is almost instantaneous.

Pizza delivery subpar? Tweet your dissatisfaction. The corporate account will respond, and you might even get a coupon.

And when something good happens, mention that, too.

When I had a high fever from an ear infection on Labor Day, I was relieved to discover the CVS Minute Clinic was open in my neighborhood, so after my visit, I tweeted a thank you.

Minute Clinic responded, asking how I was feeling — nice! — then sent me a direct message, requesting the address of the clinic I visited and my full name and email address.

I received a $20 gift certificate via email a couple of days later, and I would imagine my local Minute Clinic got some props, too.

Tweets matter!

See a penny

It’s been raining for what seems like forever here in Boston, and during a quick trip to CVS, I saw three girls debating the purchase of a rain slicker vs. a new umbrella.

One felt the slickers ‘had no style.’  (Good point.)  So she picked up one of the more brightly colored umbrellas and began to open it in the store.

Her friends practically threw her to the ground.

“Don’t you know it’s bad luck to open an umbrella inside a building?” one said in horror.  “Are you trying to ruin our lives?”

I smiled, as did several other people standing in line at the register.  I’m sure many found this superstition childish.

But as someone who has had a penny tails-up on her dining room floor for a couple of months now — who has mopped and swept around it because it’s bad luck to pick it up — my smile was more in understanding.

I treat superstitions with respect.  I’m that person you see going out of her way to avoid walking under a ladder.  I always throw salt over my left shoulder if I knock over a shaker (so beware if you’re in that direction).  I have broken a mirror and gone into a serious funk, convinced my next seven years are toast.

Even though I know superstitions like these are silly, I just can’t seem to tempt the fates and ignore them. Like the girls in the store, I think my future is worth a public spectacle or two.

Or, at least, that’s my excuse.

Chew on this

I had to laugh when I read that Dallas-based restaurant chain Which ‘Wich is renaming one of their sandwiches after a man who dislocated his jaw trying to eat it.

I did the same thing last August on a  piece of Bit O’ Honey candy.

I purchased it at a CVS drug store in Boston on a business trip.  It was a ‘bit hard as a brick’ actually…but I chewed it anyway, and ended up dislocating my right jaw.

I have TMJ, so I shouldn’t have been eating it in the first place.  But Bit O’ Honey is usually soft and yummy, not dense and dangerous.  And now, some eight months later, I have to deal with permanent damage.

I definitely can’t (or am not supposed to) eat certain foods.  I can’t do a full, open-mouth yawn without risk of dislocating it again.  Trips to the dentist are especially painful, even if they are only doing a cleaning.

The man in the article was applauded for not suing the sandwich shop.  I didn’t even think about filing a lawsuit.

Maybe CVS should consider re-branding their stores under the CC logo?

I like it.