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The original go-getter

The Gilmore family lost its patriarch today.

Edward Herrmann, who portrayed Richard Gilmore during The Gilmore Girls’ seven-year run on the CW, died today in Los Angeles after battling brain cancer.

I first remember seeing Herrmann in a small role in the original Great Gatsby film. Even then, his distinctive voice and upper-crust persona were in evidence.

Numerous obituaries list his Tony and Emmy award-winning work, but I’ll always think of him as Richard Gilmore, the rich grandpa who we’d love to have in our corner.

Logan was such a goob…am I right?


Are potholes big news in the Big Apple?

They are on PIX11.

The Anderson show airs on this local CW station, and after I finished watching it yesterday, their local news came on.  That’s when their PIXFIX series — which focuses on ‘fixing the community one issue at a time’ — zeroed in on that day’s issue.

A pothole in Queens.

Now, in reporter Monica Morales’ defense, it was a big pothole.  And according to residents on Fordham Road that she interviewed, it’d been around long enough to earn the nickname “Fordham Road Crater.”

They’d clearly put some thought into that one.

When word of Monica’s presence got around the neighborhood, a local councilmen swung by to report that the pothole was scheduled to be filled that very day.

Coincidence?  I think not.

But you have to wonder…could Monica have predicted — way back in journalism school — that she would grow up to be a big city pothole reporter?

And if so, would she have simply thrown herself in one?