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Only a few US states have official snacks.

South Carolina has boiled peanuts. Texas chose chips and salsa. Lucky Illinois has popcorn and Utah has Jell-O.

yogurtYesterday Governor Andrew Cuomo named the official snack for New York as…


Now, I know that New York produces a lot of dairy products, and that yogurt is a healthy snack choice.

But that is the most depressing official state snack ever.

New York isn’t smooth and creamy and vanilla and boring.  We’re every color of the rainbow and loud and crunchy.  You’d probably break a tooth on a snack that really represented our state.

Yogurt?  I mean, seriously…that’s embarrassing.

I may have to move.

Dish it out

I just read something that doesn’t stack up.

ice cream coneBreyers ice cream isn’t anymore.

Ice cream, that is.

In 2006, Breyers moved their facilities from Green Bay, Wisconsin to New Jersey. Then they stopped using all-natural ingredients, instead opting for food additives like Tara gum, maltodextrin and propylene glycol. As a result, their products don’t have enough milk and cream anymore to actually be considered ice cream.

And how did Breyers tell consumers about this turn of events?  Well, they changed the label to ‘frozen dairy dessert.’  And they explain the difference on their website as “a whole new way to create a smoother texture.”

Wow.  That’s some smooth bullsh*t there.