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A rose

I am at a training program in Dallas, and all the materials include my middle name.


Oh, the humanity.

Fan flare

I am in Dallas tonight, site of the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship, so I’ve seen quite a few fans in both the airport and my hotel.

More Ohio State than Oregon, I must admit.

buckeye necklaceA few of the Ohio State fans have been proudly sporting their buckeye necklaces (left).

Do you have yours?

I recognized the nut — and probably know the candy even better — but didn’t realize that wearing them was an Ohio State ‘thing.’

A quick Google search confirmed it, and explained the necklace’s origin.  Turns out they didn’t get their start at Ohio State —

Presidential candidate and Ohio native William Henry Harrison used decorative buckeyes in his campaign way back in 1840.

Political nuts.  How perfect.

My mom said

My only memories of John F. Kennedy’s assassination are my mother’s.

Here’s her story.

high chairMom was mopping the kitchen floor with the radio on. Only nine months old, I was watching the proceedings from my perch in my high chair.

A radio announcer broke into the music with the news of the President’s death in Dallas. Mom immediately dropped her mop and walked out into the front yard. All the other moms on her street were standing in their yards, sobbing.

Much later she remembered I was sitting alone in the kitchen, surrounded by drying suds.

I think I can cut her some slack.

It’s a living

I can be chatty in airport gate areas if I’m bored — even more so if my plane is delayed by weather.

Last night at DFW I ended up commiserating with a fellow passenger as we waited for our flight.  He was from Brooklyn, and sold..


hermes-helicopter2He had gone to Dallas to deliver one to a corporate client and was headed home.

I found his job to be very entertaining.  I don’t know exactly why.

I’m sure selling helicopters is not that different from selling cars or trucks or farm machinery.  But it is just such a niche….and absolutely the last thing I expected him to say in the long list of possible occupations.

And I kept thinking, “Man, where was this guy when I was doing improv comedy back in Kansas City?

‘Helicopter salesman’ would have been such a great suggestion.

Why, hello there

Today was a tired day.

I got home after midnight following a business trip to Dallas, and was too wired to sleep.  So I ended up only getting four hours.  That made Carla cranky.

Then I saw this guy.

king dukeKing Duke lives at The Gentle Barn, a nonprofit organization in San Clarita California that rescues, rehabilitates and gives sanctuary to severely abused animals.

I follow their work on Facebook and encourage you to give them a look as well.  It is inspiring.

And just one look from the King helped put my day back in the plus column.

Crushin’ it

I’ve never watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Or Beverly Hills. Or Atlanta or Dallas or Miami

Thank you, no.

But I’m pretty sure we have that reality show franchise to thank for the ‘Everyday Collection’ TV ad from Target.

Gotta love that ‘tude.

Thank you, Housewives.


I flew home from Dallas this morning and missed a horrifying event occurring on the ground:





Thank goodness I was cruising at 36,000 feet and chose not to spend $15.95 on the in-flight wifi (not two days in a row — no way, no how).  That made me blissfully unaware of the carnage below — the poor souls on their laptops and iPads, desperately needing to know what was trending and instead seeing:

“Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.”

How did they respond?  Sadly, we will never know, because you see…

Twitter was down.

Sleep easy

I had to set a really early alarm to catch my flight to Dallas this morning, and I actually slept until it went off.  My secret?

The Quil.

Usually if I have to get up super early for any reason, I wake up every hour on the hour to check and make sure I am not sleeping through my alarm.

It’s really annoying.

Then I’m awake before my alarm goes off and really tired from my night of no sleep.

But yesterday I had the beginnings of  a head cold.  And since I was taking DayQuil yesterday, I took NyQuil last night to complete the continuous cycle of medication I had started.  As a result, I slept like a baby…and seriously thought my smoke detector was beeping when I was jarred awake in the wee hours.

What have we learned?

NyQuil.  It’s not just for head colds anymore.

In good company

I made a new friend today in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

We had electricity.

Actually, he did. He was seated next to an electrical outlet in the gate area, the only one I was able to find. And he wasn’t using it. If I wanted to, I was going to have to sit on the floor…or ask him to move down to the next open seat.

I asked and offered some candy as a bargaining chip. He said that ‘being nice’ was reward enough.

So I took his seat and charged my phone for the next hour. And I learned that he worked in Dallas and lived in Boston — where we were both headed — making the flight home every two-to-three weeks. Today he was going home for Father’s Day. His daughter was picking him up at the airport.

And when we eventually parted company to find our respective seats on the plane, I couldn’t help but think…

She’s one lucky girl.

Gift guide

To all travelers, business or pleasure:

I got a peek behind the curtain yesterday during my flight to Dallas.  Discovered something that can turn a cold, distant flight attendant into a friendly and engaged conversationalist.


It’s as simple as that.

Two pilots were deadheading on my flight from New York City, and they were in the row in front of me.  After we achieved a ‘comfortable cruising altitude,’ the flight attendants started coming.  One by one.  Big smiles on their faces.  Gratitude on their lips.

All because one of the pilots brought the crew cookies when he boarded the plane.

With the rest of the passengers, the flight attendants were polite, but we didn’t get those genuine grins.  Or the frequent check-ins to see if we needed anything else.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  I’ve received a less effusive version of this treatment when I’ve given a flight attendant a magazine when I’m finished with it.  But yesterday I learned an important nuance:

Do it at the start of the flight.