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Yellin’ and screamin’ and dancin’

Back in my improv days, we learned that agreement was the name of the game. Audiences don’t want to sit and watch people disagree, right?

Then why do I enjoy Dance Moms so much?

grrrrrI started watching the Lifetime reality show at first out of simple curiosity.  But I was quickly sucked in.

I could pretend it’s the dance numbers.  Or the rehearsal process.  But let’s be honest —

It’s the conflict.

Abby, the dance teacher, yelling at the kids.  The moms yelling at Abby.  The entire group yelling at moms and dancers from other troupes.  They are whackadoodle, and I love every minute of it.

I’m not sure what that says about me.  Perhaps my life is just so calm and centered that I am looking for vicarious insanity?

Doubt it.


Drop the house on her already, Dorothy.

Why the heck isn’t the Wicked Witch of the Dance Floor dead?

Kate Gosselin, easily one of the most obnoxious of the reality show ilk, is still alive on “Dancing with the Stars.”

It’s not like we’ve seen a completely new Kate over the past few weeks.  Been charmed unexpectedly by her true self.  God no.  All the rehearsal footage of her and poor Tony Dovolani reveal the Kate we already know…and kinda abhor.

Sulking.  Whining.  Crying.  Giving up.  Making Tony — Tony, the dance pro who has already endured so much in the show’s history — lose his cool and threaten to quit.

And yet, there she stands.  The bottom vote getter….again.  Somehow surviving…again.

It paso’s my doble.

Who is voting for her?  The moms of the America?  Do you really think she represents you?

Better you stand behind Pamela Anderson, who has been a revelation.  Sure, she’s as sexy as you thought she would be.  But she’s working hard.  She’s got a great attitude.  She’s interesting.  She’s fun!

Save the siren…

Kill the beast!