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Super powers

I received an email today with a fabulous offer —

The chance to order the hottest chili pepper plant in the world.

It measures something like 1,000,000 on the pepper hotness scale, and I’m pretty sure is not safe for human consumption.

Unless you’re my brother.

And yet the email contained information on not only how to order it (at a fantastic price), but how to buy-one-get-one-free.

This seems like unsafe business practices. And wrong. In fact, I’m pretty sure my iPad laptop began to overheat while I was merely reading the details.

And all for peppers. That could kill me. I’m not sure a spam filter is protection enough in these circumstances.

Kryptonite — now, that might do the trick.

Red handed

What does the color red mean to you?

If you look it up, red is associated with “energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.”

That’s a whole lotta meaning.

I like the way the color red pops.  You can put it against any other color, and it takes center stage.  That’s why it’s all over my apartment.  (I’m sure someone could psychoanalyze that to death.)

Well, today the color red is in the news, because celebrity jailbird Lindsay Lohan has returned to her original red hair now that she is out of rehab.  Her PR team has recommended the move to help signal to Hollywood that she is back and serious about her career.

Really?  All that from red hair?  I think that’s kinda hilarious.  Sure, red is a power color, and I think Lindsay looks good as a red head.  (I could be a bit biased in that area.)

But is Lindsay’s hair really the problem here?  Was being a platinum blond the driving force behind her bad behavior on and off the set?

I think we need to do a study on this.  It could be big.  It could change the entire landscape of the hair color industry.  Heck, if would mean some colors — like red — could rise to the top, and others fall away forever.

Just like Lindsay’s career.