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Did you know Christian Mingle, the dating website for believers, has produced a made-for-TV movie?

Believe it.


It’s playing on UP Network as I write this.

And I cannot look away.

Talk about product placement (which I have been of late) — this one takes the cake.


Preppin’ a prank

Celebrities like George Clooney and Brad Pitt love to regale us with stories of the pranks they play on their fellow actors when they’re making movies.  Let me tell you —

They’ve got nuthin’ on me.

I played a prank on one of my best friends this past weekend that was 30 years in the making.

But let me back up a bit…

It all began when she pranked me only a couple of weeks after we met in college.  I was in her dorm room, waiting for her to get ready for dinner and noticed a framed photograph on her shelf —
john james youngCaroline with her arms draped around the neck of John James, one of the stars of the then hit drama Dynasty.

When I asked how the pic came to be, she confided that the two were dating, but she was keeping it quiet at his request.

Of course I didn’t believe her at first, but then she started producing a lot of convincing evidence:  her father’s pageant and production credits, connections through musical theatre friends and a well-timed phone call from John James.

I spoke to the man myself.

Begrudgingly I had to concede — the two were a couple.  He called on two other occasions when I was in her room and said hello.  But during our last conversation, ‘John’ confessed that he was really Caroline’s brother.

Why did she do it?  Especially to a friend that she barely knew?  Because she could?  Evil.

It is now a thing of legends, a story that we rehash often, laughing at her nerve and my naive acceptance.  But this past weekend, I turned the tables.  Now the story has a very different ending.

The satisfying conclusion, here — tomorrow…

All wet

AMC Theatres recently replaced their Moviewatchers loyalty program with their all-new “AMC Stubs.”

As a longtime Moviewatcher, I have received numerous emails about the change, and promos about the new program have played before every movie at the theatre.

One of the ads centers around a favorite moviegoer memory.  A young man waxes poetic about watching the movie Titanic with his girlfriend.  As they both reach for the popcorn at the same time, their hands touch and at that moment, he knows she is the one for him.

Very romantic, butter and all.

I have my own Titanic movie memory.  I too saw it with a date, the brother of a co-worker.  He seemed nice enough during dinner, but after the movie began, I quickly discovered:

He was a movie talker.

He talked — aloud and loudly — during the entire film.  But he wasn’t talking to me; he was talking to the characters on screen.  “Don’t go down that corridor!”  “Be careful — he’s got a gun!”  “It’s sinking!  It’s sinking!”

Titanic may have lasted 2 1/2 hours, but it felt twice that long from where I was sitting…especially since I saw it with a group of my friends who were extremely entertained by the movie and the floor show my date was giving.

I didn’t see him again.  Titanic wasn’t the only thing that sank that night.

Ah, movie memories…

A picture’s worth…

Today’s photo essay is for all the single ladies out there…

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  So I didn’t try.

Happy Monday everyone!

P.S. — This canvas is for sale on art.com, along with a lot of other great images from the Marvel Comics Retro collection.

What a great gift that would make.

Easy as pie

Celebrating a less traditional Turkey Day?

Me too!

But perhaps we should consider adding pumpkin pie back to the mix.

A new study reveals that pumpkin — one of Thanksgiving’s mainstays — has an exciting alternative use.

Chicago’s Smell and Taste Research Center found that men really like pumpkin, but not necessarily because of the taste.  Apparently the smell of pumpkin ‘turns them on’ more than any other scent.

The scientists measured arousal by the amount of penile blood flow.  (He he — I know, right?)  Vanilla and strawberry scored next highest in the study.

So…interesting stuff.

Of all the foods traditionally served at the ginormous Turkey Day dinner that I am purposefully avoiding this year, pumpkin pie is my favorite. I usually buy one at Thanksgiving and eat on it for the next week or so.  But this year?

I’m gonna save some to put behind my ears.

What is a friend?

Dear Betsy Thomas:

I have been a fan of your sitcom “My Boys”  since it debuted four years ago on TBS.  I loved the concept — a comedy centered around a female character and her gang of predominantly male friends.  I’ve always had a lot of guy friends, so it rang true to me.

PJ, the female sportswriter at the middle of it all, has girlfriends, too — Stephanie is the one we most often see on the show  — but her male poker buds are the constants in her life.  Back in my Hallmark days, we called this a ‘chosen family’…and that’s exactly what they are.

I knew the show was on iffy ground this season just from reading the celebrity rags.  Jordana Spiro (PJ) has been tapped to star in a mid-season replacement sitcom on NBC, and the oh-so-funny Jim Gaffigan, who plays PJ’s brother Andy, has been written out of the show. (Whose idea was that?)  I’m not even sure “My Boys” has a deal with TBS beyond this year.


Did you have to turn this season into a big ol’ session of couples therapy?  For that matter, did you have to turn ’em into couples?

When the show began, all their banter was trivia at its best — poker, dating, petty work annoyances, and random silliness.  It was funny.   This year, they’ve been mired down in discussions about the future, financial planning and doing good for our fellow man.

Even the actors look bored.

Plus, this group of ‘good friends’ started inbreeding at the end of last season!  Now PJ and Bobby and Stephanie and Kenny have coupled up.  They didn’t look that comfortable with the arrangement, either.  And in the season finale on Sunday night, Mike, the lonest wolf of the bunch, suddenly married a woman he has dated a month because “we’re old.”

Who are these people?

If this is indeed the last season of the show, do you really want to leave this group of friends like this? Everyone oddly coupled up and settled…in this unsettled way?

Was that ever what “My Boys” was about?

I don’t think so.  In fact, I think you lost your way.  And they deserved a whole lot better.

It’s a date

Attention bailiffs!

If you’re tired of playing that dated and — let’s be honest — rather trite ‘Aren’t you proud to be here today doing your civic duty?’ video to newbies in the jury pool each day, help is on the way!

Wouldn’t a sweeping tale of love and romance — ripped from the headlines “Law and Order” style — be way more inspiring to the usual herd of unwilling victims…and easier for you to stomach watching over and over and over again?

Well, I’d say it’s only a matter of time before a dramatization of the real life courtroom love story between a certain famous former plaintiff and a member of his jury will be coming to a holding room near you.

The couple?  None other than Rodney King, the Los Angeles man who was notoriously beaten by members of the LAPD, and Cynthia Kelley, a member of the jury that awarded him a $3.8 million settlement in the civil suit against that very police department.

(The two met the day after the trial at a pizza shop, so it’s all above board.)

Think of the singles who normally crowd into bars, or suffer through blind dates or church mixers, desperately looking for Mr. and Ms. Right.  Now, those same singles will be clamoring to meet their special someone and send people they don’t know to prison.

There’s a fun two-fer…and the meal’s included.

Now, there’s no guarantee that everyone will find happiness in the courtroom and walk down the aisle like Rodney and Cynthia.  But if you wanna take a chance on love…

You’re just gonna have to face the judge.