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Of course I can hear you

“We’re visiting from Arizona.”

“Our town is about an hour outside of Tucson.”

“We took the ferry to the Statute of Liberty, and now we have to meet our daughter up at 96th and Broadway, so we’re taking the train up there.  Hopefully we are on the right train — is this the right train?”

“We’ve found our way around the city pretty well so far…at least, I think we have.”

None of these comments are that remarkable…typical tourist conversation on the subway.

What is remarkable was this lady’s projection. I was all the way at the other end of the subway car, and it was like she was standing right in front of me.

The person she was talking to? Never caught a syllable.

One thing’s for sure — she will ever get lost in the city. Her family will be able to hear her coming and going.

In good company

I made a new friend today in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

We had electricity.

Actually, he did. He was seated next to an electrical outlet in the gate area, the only one I was able to find. And he wasn’t using it. If I wanted to, I was going to have to sit on the floor…or ask him to move down to the next open seat.

I asked and offered some candy as a bargaining chip. He said that ‘being nice’ was reward enough.

So I took his seat and charged my phone for the next hour. And I learned that he worked in Dallas and lived in Boston — where we were both headed — making the flight home every two-to-three weeks. Today he was going home for Father’s Day. His daughter was picking him up at the airport.

And when we eventually parted company to find our respective seats on the plane, I couldn’t help but think…

She’s one lucky girl.