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No debate

I love a Craig Ferguson show, and his new series on History Channel, Join or Die, is no exception.

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Craig along with three celebrities from various walks of life debate different topics and, with the studio audience’s assistance, crown a champion. Recent topics have included greatest unexplained phenomena, greatest gangster, history’s dumbest mistake, you get the idea.

This week they tackled history’s best founding father. The panelists were actor Fred Willard, comedian Jo Koy, and journalist Joel Stein. The founding father choices? George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

Now, I don’t expect the panelists to do excessive research in preparation for the show, but the dismissive comments they made about John Adams’ contribution to the founding of this country made me realize…

They hadn’t even watched the movie or stage version of 1776.

Take away their citizenship. Right. Now.

George Washington won, by the way. Shocker.

Ringside seats

I’ve never gotten involved in the online debate about whether or not to vaccinate children. Since I don’t have kids, I figured I would stay out of that fight (although I vaccinate my dog, so we can probably guess where I might land).

I have to wonder, though, if this TV commercial is making the back-and-forth even more heated…

Not only vaccinate your kids but re-vaccinate in their teens? The anti-vax crowd must be foaming at the mouth. But the ad’s emotional argument is effective.

Once again — staying out of it.

Back and forth

I am not one to debate politics.  It’s wasted breath, in my book.  And someone usually gets mad (even if they won’t admit is).

But today I found myself arguing about — of all things — tennis players.  And realized it sounded much the same.


My opponent was a Federer man.  Me?  I’m Djokovic all the way.  We had both been to US Open earlier in the week, and our conversation of shared experiences quickly dissolved into a volley of insults.

He finds Nole cocky.  I think Roger defines arrogance.  While we both agree that Federer is an amazing player, I find him boring to watch; he finds Fed fluid.

I like a player with personality which Djokovic has in spades. My opponent finds some of his schtick funny, but he’s a Federer man.  I’m Nole all the way.

Yep. We made a lot of progress, like most political discussions.