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Socks and stripes

I saw these socks on the subway tonight.


They made me very happy.

I was reminded of the Wicked Witch of the East,  childhood and all things denim and cozy — all at the same time.

The guy wearing  them seemed happy, too.

Coincidence?  I think not.

Something’s cooking

My niece dressed as Martha Stewart at her office for Halloween this year. An essential part of her costume?

An apron.

I realized when she posted a pic that I hadn’t worn an apron in years and have only owned one in my entire life — an apron that I made in my home economics class in high school.

snoopy apronIt looked much like the one at left, except mine was constructed out of blue denim.

It featured Snoopy and Woodstock and the dog bowl, too…and I think one of them was holding a sign — appliqued, you understand.

I got an ‘A’ for my sewing job…and I think I could probably still pull it off today.

Not sure my cooking skills would make the same grade.

Hat rack

I gotta new hat.

Cool, huh?

I bought it yesterday at the Penguin store in Soho.  I didn’t even know they a) were still around, b) sold clothes for men and women, and c) carried casual styles.  (In my mind, the Penguin brand — the one with the cute little sketchy penguin logo — had something to do with tuxedos.)

Live and learn.

But yesterday, while shopping with a friend who was visiting — and who knows a lot more about Penguin than I do — I bought that hat.

I love it first and foremost because it looks great with denim and black — 99 percent of every New Yorker’s wardrobe.  Secondly, it fits my large cranium. (Yes, I realize it’s a man’s hat.  But still.)

And last but not least, while wearing it around the city yesterday, it was just fun to be that chick —

The one in the hat…from the tuxedo store.