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Carbonated cake?

I’m not much of a cake eater, but this ‘recipe’ has put me in the baking mood.

I found it on the Interwebs. Rumor has it if you have a favorite boxed cake mix on hand, all you need is a can of soda — instead of the usual eggs, water, oil, etc. — to make a perfectly yummy dessert.

Here are the suggested combinations:


Game on.

Florida clan — this is on my list of ‘suggested dishes’ for our beach trip later this month. We gotta try it!

Liquid lunch

People magazine is all about the ‘boozy popsicle‘ today —

watermelon mojito pops‘Boozy’ as in popular popsicle flavors spiked with alcohol — like the watermelon mojito pops garnished with mint pictured at the left.

Looks cool and refreshing, yes…and perhaps a bit lethal for the younger set.

But, I’m sorry.

Every time I hear the phrase ‘boozy popsicle,’ I think —

What a perfect stripper name.

Or maybe even the name of a band (depending on what kind of music they play). Let’s not forget that one, folks.

It’s a keeper.

Fruits of the 4th

I found a Fourth of July dessert that I surprisingly haven’t made. And it’s so simple.



Beautiful and easy.

I really hope someone makes it for me.

Towne treat

I had adult cotton candy at dinner tonight. What made it adult?

The maple flavoring.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaple cotton candy is on the dessert menu at Towne Boston. It has the same consistency as any other cotton candy you have ever eaten — and looks a bit like attic insulation — but the maple flavor is so much better than anything a vendor ever tossed at me at the bottom of the eighth.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t play with it.  It was awfully fun to shape the wispy treat into little pads of sugar.  I even dropped it into my hot tea, just to see how fast it would dissolve.

Answer:  really fast.

Making do

I had to settle for a vending machine lunch today.

The clock simply ran out.

Full disclosure: this is not a hardship for me.  I like junk food a bit too much.  But as I get older, I have a harder time justifying vending machine fare as a meal.

This is what I settled for today:

junk food lunch

I figured Combos are basically cheese and crackers; that’s not a horrible lunch entree.  And the banana — which I got at the convenience store in the morning — added another food group and made me feel like I got a semi-dessert.

I think I did pretty good.  (Plus, I avoided the Pop Tarts that I really wanted.)

What do you consider an acceptable vending machine meal?

Food stereotypes

Freshdirect.com, my favorite website for ordering groceries in the neighborhood, posted this ‘goodbye to summer’ today on Facebook.

I love the sentiment — the poster’s graphic look and feel, too.

But they can’t honestly be suggesting that my popsicles, fudge bars and toffee crunch bars — all reduced fat and sugar-free, of course — should be packed away with my summer clothes and flip flops….

Not even.

I find popsicles refreshing year round.  They are the perfect light dessert — that little taste of sweet that doesn’t linger compared to heavy cakes and pies.

They aren’t seasonal.  They’re sensible.

Of course, I feel much the same way about soup — love me some soup any time of year, especially in summer.  When the AC is cranked in public buildings, soup is the best way to warm up.

Turning up the thermostat also works.

Let’s give food a chance.

Time for an intervention

While I was watching my zillionth hour of Olympic coverage this weekend — hey, don’t judge — one commercial in particular caught my eye.

It was shot from the athletes’ point of view as they trained in their different disciplines.  The voices changed, but they each spoke about what they had to give up to excel at their sport.

Dessert.  Sleep.  Extracurricular activities. TV.

(TV?  Yet another reason I would never make it…)

That’s when it hit me.  These aren’t athletes — they’re a cult!  Am I reacting too hastily?  Let’s take another look, just to be sure.

Uh oh.

Guys…guys, can you hear me?

I’m over here!  What are you looking at?!

Man…I think they’re too far gone.

Constant hunger

The best way to a mathematical constant is through its stomach.” —
Carla Curtsinger, looking for any reason to eat pie

Happy Pi Day, Fellow Geeks!

Getting sleepy







Happy National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!

I had planned to write more, but I find myself rather hypnotized by the pumpkin and cheesecake, softly swirling together, round and round and round and round and round and…

If anyone needs me, I’ll be hitching a ride to The Cheesecake Factory.

Resistance is futile.

Stack this

Are you a ‘sweet’ or a ‘salty?’

I’m a salty. I can easily give cakes and cookies a pass, but I find the siren song of salty snacks hard to ignore.

This post, though, is for you sweets out there…because I think this cookie is sharp.

Now, you all know Oreos. (Heck, I’ve even eaten a few hundred in my time.) The newest version is the Oreo Triple Double.

It’s a regular Oreo with an added layer of cream (this one chocolate-flavored) and a third chocolate wafer.

I’m sure it’s chocolate-y enough to kill us all, but more importantly…

Isn’t it pretty?

I personally think they went with the chocolate-flavored creme on the bottom because the color palette looks sophisticated. Imagine that — they have managed to make a mass market cookie look kinda high end.

And while I was looking for pictures of this Oreo, I found another new creation…












The Oreo Wedding Cake

It’s really just a big stack of Oreo’s arranged to look like a cake, but people are serving it at their weddings. While you should probably involve a professional on your big day, I think you could pull this off for fun (and enjoy eating any cookies that crumble in the process).

How about an Oreo Triple Double Cake at your wedding?

Tres chic!