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The name game

Is your name Chris? Or Audrey? Or Dominic? There’s a Diet Coke out there with your name on it.













I found this bottle with Chris’ name on it at a hoagie shop near the Amtrak station in Paoli, Pennsylvania.  When I asked the employee at the counter about it, he had no clue what Coke was doing.

Which was helpful.

So I searched the bottle’s #ShareaCoke hashtag on Twitter and found a large community of people who had tweeted pics holding a bottle of Diet Coke bearing their own name!  How lucky for them.

I tweeted my Chris pic.  Hopefully he (or she) will appreciate it.  And if someone out there finds the elusive Carla bottle, comment/tweet/email/Facebook me.

This is suddenly very important.

The right thing

Have you seen the new television commercial for Liberty Mutual Insurance?

It’s all part of their Responsibility Project, a place “to think about—and discuss—what it means to do the right thing.”

I’m not sure they set the bar all that high.  I hope I would hold the door for a blind person…or help someone pick up papers being scattered by the wind.   But if seeing that ad inspires a few random acts of kindness, all the better.

It does remind me of a nice guy I met at Madison Square Garden a couple of years ago.

I was in the concession line at Madison Square Garden during intermission at a Barry Manilow concert — that’s right, I said it.  The man was standing in front of me, looking a tad miserable.

I couldn’t resist.  With great enthusiasm I said, “Having a good time?”

He gave me a rueful smile.  “I bought the tickets for my wife for Christmas; she’s having a blast.”

“Well, think about this way,” I said.  “Any time she complains in the future, you can remind her about that great concert you took her to!”

We continued to chat as the line progressed, even discussing our planned purchases.  When he finished his order, he smiled and waved good-bye, and I stepped up to the counter.

“A Diet Coke and some Cracker Jacks, please.”  After my order was ready, I asked for the total.

“Oh, it’s already paid for,” the counter girl said with a smile.  “The gentleman in line in front of you took care of it.”

I hope his wife appreciates him.

Third times a charm

I went to bed early last night.
I’ve got a nap planned for this afternoon.
And tonight, I’m starting a caffeine drip at six.

The occasion? The midnight premiere of “Eclipse,” of course. And like all women of a certain age with little dignity and an enormous capacity for fun, I wouldn’t miss it.  Heck, I’ve had my ticket for more than a month.

But just this week, it got even better.

AMC theaters announced the showing of the “Twilight Trilogy” at select locations.  Beginning at 6:30pm tonight, “Twilight” and “New Moon” will be shown prior to the midnight premiere of “Eclipse.”  So audiences can see all three movies back to back to back.

Spectacular spectacular!

Granted, I own “Twilight” and “New Moon” and could watch them both whenever I want.  But seeing them again on the big screen — especially right before “Eclipse” surrounded by rabid, rambunctious, rowdy fans — well, that’s just not to be missed.

So I’ll drink another Diet Coke and crack open another box of Duds.  The combination of caffeine, sugar and RPatz will keep all systems go until the wee hours.

Yeah….I’m pretty sure I can stay awake.