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Creature feature

I have a home office, and often keep the TV on for a little background noise in the apartment.

This afternoon I am working on the couch in front of the TV.  The sound is down low, so it’s more of a pleasant hum than a distraction.

But then this image filled the screen during a commercial break —

natalie portman black swan

Geez oh pete, HBO…don’t throw around the Black Swan willy-nilly.

That’s some seriously scary shit.

It’s a glow

This was an incredibly difficult blog post to write.

I can’t focus.  Can’t seem to string words together into sentences that amount to much of anything.  And I really don’t care all that much, either.

You know why?

I’m just too damn happy.

I am totally distracted by happiness today.  I try to begin other projects, and find myself just sitting…and smiling.

A friend called it a glow.  That’s exactly what it is — and all because of a little old college basketball game.

(UK beat Ohio State last night — I mean, come on!  Come on!!)

I tried to Google this phenomenon — the distraction of happiness — but all I could find is how everyday life distracts you from being happy.

So far, I haven’t found that to be the case at all.  I’m still happy.  Still smiling.  Still haven’t gotten a darn thing done.

Who cares?  I’m happy.