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Some party

Happy Birthday, 14th Amendment.

Yes, it was on this date back in 1868 that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution was certified, guaranteeing due process of law.  How ironic that before it finishes blowing out the candles on its cake, it’s being called back to work to fix the debt ceiling crisis.

Or that’s what some lawmakers contend.

Assistant Minority Leader Rep. James Clyburn said that if Congress doesn’t agree on a long-term deal by the deadline, President Obama should sign an executive order raising the debt ceiling — a move justified by the section of the 14th Amendment that reads “the validity of the public debt … shall not be questioned.”

Some constitutional scholars don’t agree.  It didn’t sound like the President did either during a town hall Friday at the University of Maryland. And the Treasury Department holds firm that only Congress has the legal authority to extend the U.S. borrowing authority.

Hear that, Congress?

Stop trying to pass the buck.  That 143-year old bill isn’t going to let you do nothing, and then later point the finger at the audacity and legality of a Presidential executive order.

Do your jobs.  Make it work.