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Vintage softness

handsEvery time I shake someone’s hand, people comment on how soft my hands are.

If only one person said it, I would shrug it off. But it’s become a thing.

What makes it especially weird is that I hate hand lotion. Never use it. And I’m not doing anything to pamper them.

So what gives?

Well, I started paying attention of late, and have decided that the one substance that comes in contact with my hands several times a day may be the reason:

dawn ducks Dawn dishwashing liquid

I wash my hands so many times a day because I’m feeding the dog and medicating the dog and cleaning up after his various and sundry bodily functions.

It’s like a TV commercial from the 50’s.

But then again, they are that soft.

Open wide

My dog Rory turned 16 last December, but he has the appetite of a puppy.

Translation: he’s become a picky little shit.

I’ve tried rewarding him with treats after he finishes his dinner. When that stopped working, I gave him the treats first. Then switched to different treats. Then changed his food. Then his bowl. Then started hand-feeding him.

I’m willing to do the work.

Last week I learned a trick from my vet. I don’t know why she has been holding out on me for so long, but it got him to eat like gangbusters.

baby foodSmear a little baby food on top of the dog food.

She recommended chicken flavor with broth. I applied said smear, and could barely get the dish on the floor before Rory was face-deep in his dinner.

I was a very happy Mama Dog.

You can be, too.

What a treat

In my ‘other life,’ I write marketing copy.

Web, collateral, packaging — you name it.

As I was feeding my dog this morning, I received a reminder that any customer-facing text can surprise and delight…

Even something as simple as the freshness dating.



Hear ye

On the surface, Hit and Run doesn’t look like a message movie.

But then again, I didn’t really go to learn anything.

I like the story of how this little movie, written and directed by Dax Shephard — who also stars in the film with his girlfriend Kristen Bell and a lot of his friends — was made for a song and then got picked up by a major distributor and is now in theaters.

The little engine that could.

So while the plot isn’t my normal cup of tea, I went to see it to support indie film making…and actors that I enjoy watching.  And then this tiny sub-plot pops up half-way through the movie —

A message for dog owners, no less.

How you shouldn’t tie up your pets outside stores and restaurants where they could easily be stolen.  And the big difference the type of food you feed your dog makes, both in their health and happiness.

And who taught these lessons in the movie?

The “bad guy”…in a really funny way.  It’s worth the price of the film just to see this short segment.  I applaud Dax for finding a way to make those points in such an entertaining fashion.

Here’s hoping folks get the message.