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Warning: rant ahead

This is for everyone on the sidewalks of New York City and beyond who might come up behind a dog and his person:

dog leashStepping over the dog and/or over the expanse of leash between the dog and his person is never the right choice.

Making yourself known is probably your first best move. The dog and his person aren’t intentionally blocking your way.  And giving them the time necessary to step aside is also appreciated.

But stepping over the dog or his leash not only puts the animal in danger, but you.  You could startle the dog into a sudden movement that could cause all three of you  injury.

And who’s going to get sued in that scenario?

The dog person.

So slow down and show some common courtesy…please?

Good boy.

No offense

You’ve no doubt been paid a compliment by someone.

But have you been the victim of the backhanded compliment?

You know — a comment that starts out flattering or kind, and then takes an unexpected turn, becoming cutting or cruel?

And the whole thing is delivered with a big ol’ innocent smile, which makes the insult all the more sneaky.  Sometimes you don’t even realize you were dissed until you’ve walked away.


Some friends in my neighborhood and I were discussing ‘favorite’ backhanded compliments received over the years during our regular evening walk.

Like the woman on the set of a television commercial who complimented my raincoat saying, “I love your jacket. That is a really hard shade of green for people to pull off.”

Or a fellow dog owner who was told in the park, “Well, I like your dog…I don’t care what all the other people say.”

Or my personal favorite: “I love your red toenail polish. It matches your fake red hair.”

Yes…yes, it does.

Funny how ‘compliments’ like these stick to our brains for years…whereas heartfelt good wishes fall away forgotten.  (Probably because they’re more clever, and we wish we had thought of them ourselves.)

Do you have any good zingers to share?  Leave them in the comments section for us all to enjoy.  But, no names, please.  Remember —

We wouldn’t want to offend.