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What a treat

In my ‘other life,’ I write marketing copy.

Web, collateral, packaging — you name it.

As I was feeding my dog this morning, I received a reminder that any customer-facing text can surprise and delight…

Even something as simple as the freshness dating.





I bought Rory a new down coat yesterday at the dog store.

I have no problem putting a sweater, raincoat or jacket on my dog to keep him warm and dry during bad weather.

But a doggie Halloween costume?

I have a really hard time doing that to him.

Sure, he will look cute in it, but it serves no useful purpose.  He doesn’t need it for warmth or protection.  And I feel like dressing him up like a vampire or dinosaur or Book of Mormon character strips away a layer of his dignity — violates the trust that he has put in me to protect him in every circumstance and against any foe.

Plus, he already gets all the treats he wants everyday without having to put on the tart.

Lucky dog.