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When only one word will do

This was a crappy day.

I woke up to a vomiting dog. He’s feeling much better now, but it took a $400 vet visit to do the job.

My to-do list was repeatedly stymied by frustrating people and annoying road blocks.

And my evening dog walk, usually my stress reducer, was washed out — literally — by a cloud burst that left me and Rory sopping wet.

Yep, crappy was the word of the day. So this video really spoke to me.

…and puts a smile on my face! Great way to put this day to bed and start fresh tomorrow.

I see the light

I live across from a police precinct in Manhattan.

Could there be a safer location?

police precinct

I’ve always felt safe here. Police are on the street around the clock….and within reach at a moment’s notice.

But since the two grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in incidents in both New York City and Ferguson, it feels somewhat less so. Granted, demonstrations in Manhattan have been organized and peaceful to date — and none have ventured down my side street — but you sense that police are in a heightened state of alert.

Case in point, the station across from my building has their flood lights on every night, so our street is always daylight-bright.  When my dog and I go out for a walk at 7pm or midnight — or 3am if necessary — it looks like the middle of the afternoon.

So in a sense, I guess it’s even safer now. And probably keeping the people on the front of the building awake at night.


Pants off dance off

When I see a photo like this one, from this year’s British Open…

REUTERS/Toby Melville

I can kinda imagine what the policeman at the precinct across the street from my apartment think when they see me, late at night, in my wild PJ’s walking Rory.

At the very least, it’s entertaining.

Hot time

So, this happened.

I worked at home yesterday and had just sat down to eat lunch when someone rang my front door. Assuming it was UPS, I buzzed him in and stepped into my coop’s hallway.

My dog Rory ran ahead to greet my visitor and brought back…


Okay, not this particular fireman.  The firefighter in my building had black hair and was tragically wearing his shirt uniform.  But still —

He was smoking hot!

I said, “Are we on fire?” and he flashed a perfect smile.

Well, I was.

He explained he was conducting the building’s yearly walk-through, and proceeded to ask some questions about the basement and elevator access while he petted my dog Rory.

To soon, he was on his way.  But my heart was happy.  You see, the firehouse is only one block away.

Rory, it’s time to try a different walk route!

Magic carpet

It’s chilly today in New York City.

My morning walk with Rory in Central Park was cold, cold, cold.

So when I found this aerial view of carpets in Marrakesh, Morocco — shot by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand — the colors and reflected sunlight warmed me right up.

Hope it adds a little warmth to your day, too!

Luck of the Irish


I was in Pittsburgh today on business, and my plans to fit in a bit of playtime went awry.

I hope Shaun isn’t too disappointed.

Shaun the Leprechaun was sent to me by my friend Sophie. Her class back in Kentucky is studying geography, and sent Shaun and other leprechauns out across the country a la “Up in the Air” to report on what they see, hear and do.

So far Shaun has tagged along with me on a video shoot; riding the subway; walking the dog; and now taking this trip with me to Pittsburgh.

I had planned to take Shaun to the Andy Warhol Museum after my meeting. But then I had to jump on a conference call and there was paperwork and cabs were impossible to get in the rain and…

Time ran out.

Hopefully taking him to meet Jon Stewart next week will ease the blow.

Morning mystery

My morning walk in Central Park was something out of a Mary Higgins Clark novel.

Rory and I were taking ‘the long way’ in the direction of the Great Lawn.  That’s when I noticed the two black SUVs with blacked-out windows on the walking path.

An unusual sight, but we kept going.

When we rounded the corner at the Delacorte Theater — home of Shakespeare in the Park — I saw at least 15 police cars, lights flashing, and a helicopter parked on the Great Lawn.  Officers were clustered around the banks of the pond behind the outdoor amphitheater.

I felt like I had been plunged into an episode of Castle.  Nathan Fillion was in town earlier this week to tape Late Show with David Letterman…but sadly, he wasn’t about.

The officers who were there weren’t giving up any information.  A park security officer said they thought someone had drowned, but she was found alive.  But a woman walking in the park a bit earlier in the morning said she saw them remove something from the lake.

News crews were on site, but I couldn’t score any info on their websites.  So, the mystery continues.

Not bad for a morning walk, huh?


I’m having a Boston feel good kinda morning.

Rory Dog and I are in town this week and started revisiting our old haunts today.

Nothing is more fun than watching that 13-year old puppy race into the Public Garden and Boston Commons.  He takes the same paths, checks out the same squirrel trees — even pees on the same spots.

It’s like we never left.

And when we return to the apartment, what film is playing on FX but Fever Pitch, starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon.

While not a perfect movie, it is a great Boston sports movie — primarily due to the timing of the Farrelly Brothers’ shoot.  This story of a Boston Red Sox fanatic and his attempts to balance a romantic relationship with his baseball obsession wrapped during the Sox’s unbelievable World Series win.

Talk about a happy ending.

It just kinda fits with this beautiful, Boston day.  It’s a nice place to visit.  And we’re glad to be here.

Tee test

Everyone thinks they have a sense of humor.  But not everyone shares your sense of humor.  If only there was a quick test.

I found it…quite by accident.

It’s a t-shirt.  I bought it from TheOnion.com store.  If I’m wearing it and a person walks by and laughs or smiles, they share my sense of humor.  If they look confused, they don’t.

Simple, huh?

Here it is — my ‘Area Woman’ tee.

If you are already smiling, you a) get it and b) share my sense of humor.

If you are tilting your head wondering WTF, here’s the skinny.

‘Area Woman’ is a play off of ‘Area Man,’ a term used in a lot of police and news reports…as in “An area man was pulled from the river” or “The string of bank robberies has been linked to an area man.”

I think it’s funny.  So do a lot of other people who walk by me when I’m wearing it with Rory in Central Park.

But just as many stare at my shirt with wrinkled brow, then look at me oddly.

These are not my people.


Wimbledon is a racket.

I look forward to it every year, and watch every moment of tennis that my schedule allows.

But this year?

My actual body clock reset itself to make sure of it.

I normally wake up around 7am every morning — without an alarm — to walk the dog.  But this year during Wimbledon, I have been popping out of bed between 5:30-6:00am

I know that the first hour of Wimbledon coverage on ESPN is bogus chit-chat, and the matches don’t start until 8:00am.  But my body doesn’t.  And I especially know that the weekend coverage doesn’t begin until 9:00am.

Go back to sleep.

(I’m not listening.)