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Daily dose

Windowless Room.  Day Two.

When I ventured out mid-day, I was greeted by rain, high winds…and visions of sugarplums, dancing in my head.

‘Cause they’re good for me.

The lead nutrition professor of the American Heart Association’s comprehensive review of scientific literature on sugar said today in the  New York Times — and I quote —

I don’t think candy is bad for you.”

Her name is Rachel Johnson.  She’s my favorite doctor of all time.

Dr. Johnson goes on to say that candy provides only 6 percent of the added sugar in the American diet, while sweet drinks and juice supply 46 percent.


I’ve been warning folks off of fruit juice for years.  All it took was reading the juice carton label one time; it totally killed my taste for the stuff.

If I’m gonna get that much sugar, I might as well enjoy myself and down Twizzlers at the movie theater.  And I have — oh, you know it.

And it turns out…it’s not that bad.

(That’s what she said.)