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Oh, my aching neck

Really big necklaces.


big disc necklaceI see them everywhere on the subway these days.

Women are wearing them with the expected dresses and business suits, but also with casual tees and jeans.

I mentioned they are HUGE, right?

Some I like. Most not so much.

But I have noticed one very strange phenomena — and I admit, I am generalizing, but have seen enough to claim a trend — many of the women who favor these really big (HUGE) necklaces seem to think wearing them diverts attention from the rest of their person.

So, no need to do their hair. Or put on even the tiniest bit of makeup. Just don the really big necklace, and it will do the heavy lifting for their ensemble.

Or, I guess in this case, the heavy pulling down of their neck toward the ground.

Not working.

Shirt off your back

The rich pay fewer taxes, and celebrities get free clothes — just some of life’s many injustices.

But you would think — if you were one of those lucky celebs — you’d wear free clothing that was a) good-looking and b) looked good on you.

Case in point:  Express has been giving away the same blue-and-red striped dress to a lot of young actresses in Hollywood.  Take a look-see:

Now, with the exception of January Jones (who is many months pregnant right now), these are some of the skinniest women on the planet..and yet the broad, horizontal stripes make them appear short and wide and thick, which I doubt was the goal.

(Imagine what this dress would look like on someone of average size, height and weight.  No, I take that back…don’t.)

I know it’s free, ladies, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear it.  Your jobs all pay pretty well.  Although you may have forgotten how, you can pay for your own clothing…just like the rich can pay more taxes.

(Well, it’s fun to think about anyway…isn’t it?)

Fowl play

It’s only week two of Project Runway, and Facebook has already been overrun with comments pre-, during and post-show.

I’ve tried to abstain.

But the judges’ decision to give Olivier the win over Anthony Ryan was the first travesty of the new season.  The finger must be pointed.

In the ‘My Pet Project’ Challenge, the designers had to use items found in Petland Discounts to create their garments.  Tim Gunn warned them that the use of ready-made fabrics would be penalized.

Anthony Ryan created his dress completely out of birdseed, fashioning an inspired collar out of larger, darker seeds.  Olivier used existing fabric from a dog bed to fashion the top of his dress, and then finished the skirt with tie-dyed hamster bedding.

The only fault the judges could find with Anthony’s dress?  It was a wee bit short.  (He had intended to finish the skirt with feathers and nixed them at the last minute.)

Olivier’s fit and styling were both called into question, and there was the little issue of the dog bed material in the bodice.

Heidi loved Anthony’s dress.  So did the guest judge.  But loud, obnoxious Nina Garcia whined about the length of Anthony’s dress.

And so Olivier was declared the winner.

I know it’s early yet, but I had an immediate flashback to last year’s finale — the judges’ stand-off over the Project Runway winner.  I questioned Nina’s judgment then, and I question it now.

I think it’s time for Nina to be ‘out.’