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More than a game

In Fever Pitch, the under-appreciated love letter to the Boston Red Sox, super fan Ben (Jimmy Fallon) tries to explain his single-minded devotion to the team to his workaholic girlfriend Sarah (Drew Barrymore):

fever pitch“Clearly, it’s not just a game! If it was, then obviously I wouldn’t care about it this much.

Twenty-three years.

Do you still care about anything you cared about years ago? How about–how about five? Name me a single thing that you’ve cared about for five years.”

That scene always spoke to me.  Even though Ben was talking baseball — a sport I personally never bonded with — I had that passion.  But mine was for…


Harrison shotI’m a proud UK alum.  Years ago, I camped out for those hard-to-come-by tickets at Rupp Arena.

Now in New York City, I  watch very game that the networks allow, and have suffered every negative comment slung at the team this season by the media, haters and ‘fans’ alike.

And I never stopped believing.

The 2014 NCAA tourney has been an incredible, heart-stopping, unbelievable ride.  Kudos to our young team for putting their heads down, playing their hearts out and showing what they are made off when it mattered the most.

Now, let’s all enjoy our FINAL FOUR experience!!



Fake Hollywood couples who make me happy

Adam Sandler is a man of extremes.

When his movies are good (The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates), they are very, very good.  And when they are bad (Little Nicky, Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy)…

They’re horrible.

wedding singerMe thinks Sandler has been looking at his filmography and noticed a common thread running through his very best films — Drew Barrymore. Could that be why he’s starring in and co-producing a new film with her?

The Hollywood Reporter says yes!

In the rumored film, the two portray single parents who had a bad first date, but soon after are trapped together at a vacation resort with their kids.  Hilarity ensues.

I loved The Wedding Singer.  It’s my very favorite Adam Sandler film.  And I just re-watched 50 First Dates last weekend and laughed myself silly when Drew Barrymore — to protect Sandler — beats the crap out of Rob Schneider with a baseball bat.

Good times.

Both films made big bucks at the box office, so I know I’m not the only one who loves this duo.  Let’s get excited!!

Animal instinct

On my flight today, the proffered movie was Big Miracle, starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski — the whale movie, as you might remember it.

That’s how I did.

I had meant to see it in the theatre, but I tend to shy away from animal movies.  Even though I knew this one was positive — it’s based on true events — I hate seeing animals in any potential, dramatized or real trauma.

But I manned up and watched it today.  And I was right.  They found ways to make the animals — and me — suffer through this supposed feel-good story.

It’s so nice to cry with people you don’t know.

Which made the e-card that popped up in my Facebook feed today all the more timely:








You got that right.







I’m having a Boston feel good kinda morning.

Rory Dog and I are in town this week and started revisiting our old haunts today.

Nothing is more fun than watching that 13-year old puppy race into the Public Garden and Boston Commons.  He takes the same paths, checks out the same squirrel trees — even pees on the same spots.

It’s like we never left.

And when we return to the apartment, what film is playing on FX but Fever Pitch, starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon.

While not a perfect movie, it is a great Boston sports movie — primarily due to the timing of the Farrelly Brothers’ shoot.  This story of a Boston Red Sox fanatic and his attempts to balance a romantic relationship with his baseball obsession wrapped during the Sox’s unbelievable World Series win.

Talk about a happy ending.

It just kinda fits with this beautiful, Boston day.  It’s a nice place to visit.  And we’re glad to be here.

Follow Friday

On Twitter, it’s ‘Follow Friday,’ the day we suggest our favorites to friends.

The Egg ain’t no Twitter, but today — on the national release date of “Going the Distance,” starring Drew Barrymore — I have the perfect excuse to talk up an actor who has been one of my fav’s for years:

Justin Long

I remember Justin’s very first film —  “Galaxy Quest,” that wonderful send up of the “Star Trek” series.  Although he was 21 at the time, Jason was cast as teenage sci-fi nerd Brandon, who helps save the cast of a space TV show when they have to play their roles for real to save an alien culture.  (It is way funnier than that sounds.)  The cast includes Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman, and it is genius.

Next, Jason played another geeky high school kid in the TV series “Ed,” starring Tom Cavanaugh.  That gig lasted four years, so he able to flesh out the role and make it more three-dimensional.  I loved that show — it was an amazing ensemble — but when it ended, Justin went on to play versions of that same lovable, slightly geeky guy in a series of movies.

Then he became the MAC guy.

That person seemed a bit cooler and less nerdy (even for someone talking computers).  And while you might think a role with that kind of visibility would move his career forward, it seemed to stall it a bit.

As he described in an interview, ‘it’s hard for the MAC guy to play a cowboy in a western.’

So, I’m really excited to see “Going the Distance.”  Many of the top critics are saying good things, and the trailers look really funny.  Plus, I think it could mean good things for Justin’s career in the years to come.

Because I want only the best for my friend.

No excuse

Celebrities have no excuse for bad hair.


Actors, especially those who  have played a variety of roles and have seen themselves in different hair styles and hair colors and wigs and even different eye color and makeup combinations, should know — by the time a major event like the Golden Globes or SAG Awards or Grammys roll around — what hair style looks best on their person.

And yet, time and time again, celebrities turn up at these events looking either dowdy as hell or like they just got out of bed or so genuinely freaky, that I doubt they glanced in the mirror before they walked the red carpet.

I know these actors and singers hire stylists to present them in their best light.  But I have decided those same stylists are simply taking care of their own career…which apparently means dressing the actors in whatever label is best for their business and whatever hair style will get the most attention.

But bad attention is still attention.  So, hey — let’s make a bird’s nest out of Drew Barrymore’s hair and see if E! mentions her in their red carpet coverage.

You got your wish, Drew.  Your face is everywhere, but you’re getting slammed for your hairstyle instead of congratulated for your win.  Did your stylist really do her job?

A lot of these celebs would do themselves an enormous favor by cutting the size of their entourage and replacing them with a big ol’ dose of reality.

Look in the mirror with your own eyes and trust your judgment for a change.  Do you think you look like an idiot?

Chances are, you’re right.