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Attention HR

I have never worked for a company that practiced ‘Summer Fridays’ — ending the work day at noon or 1pm during the warmer months.

But today I worked witha company that celebrates Summer Fridays. And had drinks with a friend whose agency practices Summer Fridays.

summer friday

I heartily approve.

Backyard brew

A cold beer after you’ve cut the lawn sounds good to most people.

But a beer with that ‘real lawn mower experience?’

lawn mower ad












I think something got lost in translation back in Sweden…

Temperature check

If you were a bartender, would you use your real name with customers? Or would you maybe use a ‘cool’ nickname like…


I met a bartender this very evening who made that choice…in a hotel bar in Chicago.

He wasn’t 13 years old, which seems more appropriate to me for such a nickname (and perception of what is cool).

No, he was a 13-year old who grew up to be a middle-aged man who thinks a Stars Wars character nickname is still cool at his age.

Which is…interesting.

Of course, he might have named himself after former University of Kentucky basketball great Kenny “Sky” Walker…but I doubt it.

Now, that would be cool.



Do you play your numbers? Does anyone?

I drink a lot of bottled beverages, and I find these secret codes to be less than compelling.

I’m not even sure I know how to play. Do I visit a website? And what do I win? Is it worth the micron of effort that it will take?

Maybe if the code itself were more entertaining. This mis-mash of numbers and letters is random, no doubt, but enthralling? Exciting? Filled with possibilities?

I’m know I’m not bubbling over…except perhaps with carbonation.

Dark ages

New Yorkers love wearing black.  It’s our uniform…our identity.  It makes us look thinner.

But does our obsession with the color black extend to drinking it? 

Blk Beverages certainly hopes so.

Blk is a blend of Canadian spring water and fulvic acid, a plant matter derivative.  The fulvic acid makes the water black.  According to the company website, it also allows for the “fast absorption of over 77 different trace minerals and elements, powerful electrolytes, antioxidants, and free radical scavengers.”

Now, I can agree the bottle looks cool.  It’s clear; remember, the water is black.  And as you empty the bottle, words printed on the bottle in black appear with additional product messaging.

Very clever.

But I’m still not sure I want to drink water that is blackened with dead plant matter — especially when I can get my minerals and antioxidants and the like from other sources.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like my spring water clear…and my winter wardrobe black.

Cold comfort

Cheezeburger cheezeburger cheezeburger.

No thank you — I’m a grilled cheese kinda gal.

Always have been; just ask my family.  When we went to a diner and everyone else ordered burgers, I had the grilled cheese.  When we splurged at a really nice restaurant, I ordered — to my mother’s consternation — the grilled cheese.

Even now, when I check out a new restaurant and they have an interesting take on my cheesy favorite on the menu…it’s really hard for me to order anything else.

It is, quite simply, the perfect sandwich…a taste of home between two slices of bread.

And now a bartender in Victoria, British Columbia has attempted to capture the essence of the grilled cheese sandwich in a signature cocktail.

This could finally turn me on to liquor.

Shawn Soole hails from Brisbane, Australia, and his Cold Night In martini was inspired by a ‘toastie’ – the Australian term for a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

He combines “grilled cheese rum” — Mt. Gay’ washed’ overnight with a real-live grilled cheese sandwich — fresh-muddled tomato and basil, salt, Lillet Blanc and Glenfiddich Scotch whiskey.

I can’t tell a thing from the recipe…although the fact that he actually marinades his rum in a grilled cheese sandwich seems promising.  Plus, the martini is only served at Clive’s in Victoria, B.C.

Haven’t had a grilled cheese sandwich there yet…