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I’ll alert the media

I passed this delivery truck in my neighborhood yesterday afternoon.  The service is new to me, but the name is a classic.


Can it really be over 30 years now — 1981 in fact — since Dudley Moore burst onto the scene in the comedy classic Arthur, with Sir John Gielgud at his side as his loyal, oh-so-proper manservant Hobson?
arthur hobson

Even he might approve of the logo’s jaunty cap and just-so tie.

The driver of the delivery van was very young.  I couldn’t help but wonder — does he even understand the reference for the company name?

Perhaps he is more familiar with the cringeworthy 2011 movie version of Arthur where Helen Mirren portrayed  Hobson in a bit of gender-bending casting.  If so, he is probably confused by the logo. (Helen didn’t wear a hat.)

And thinks the movie was awful.

Young people.




Rush out and see this

I’ve never watched Formula One Grand Prix racing, so I wondered if I could love the film RUSH as much as the critics.

Never doubt Ron Howard.

RUSHHis retelling of the 1976 rivalry between racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda simultaneously celebrates the sport and rises about it.

Yes, there is amazing driving footage, and Howard chronicles the races and locations of their real-life points race.  But the differences between these two men — in looks, personality and approach to the sport — and their very complex relationship is the most compelling part of this movie.

And when you see photos of the actual Hunter and Lauda —

Real RUSHYou realize what a tremendous job casting director Nina Gold has done.

Wave the checkered flag, people.

Look both ways

I’m en route to New York City from Boston — Rory, I’ll be home soon — and we just passed the ubiquitous…

Deer crossing sign

Goodness knows they are a legitimate safety reminder.  Deer certainly seem to be attracted to roadways.

But it got me thinking (because I’m bored) —

Are there no other animals that cross the road?

Of course there is the ‘chicken who crossed the road’ joke…but what about other wildlife who might mosey across the highways and byways?  Don’t they deserve their own bright yellow sign?

Turns out they do.








Funny — suddenly I’m a lot less bored.


On my way to the subway last night, I overheard a snippet of conversation as two girls walked by:

“…so then I threw it all up, and I have never eaten it again.”

Man.  I guess we all have one of those stories. Mine happened when I was 13 years old.

After a morning of shopping, my mom and I got chili dogs at the Midtown Drive-In in Mayfield, Kentucky.  They were a favorite.


On the way home, I started feeling not-so-good.  Bad, actually.  And I told my mom, who was driving the car, that we needed to pull over.  NOW.  Her response?

“Hold on.  We’re almost there.”

How does one “hold on” when you getting ready to throw up?  I don’t know now, and I certainly didn’t know then.  My clothes and her car upholstery suffered as a result.

And I’ve never eaten a chili dog since.

So…have you sworn off a food that turned on you?  Share your story in the comments section.

And enjoy your lunch!