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Laying it on thick

This commercial just aired during the Dancing with the Stars results show:

So…is Matthew trying to sell Lincolns, or creep us out?

I feel like I need to take a shower.

Be right back.

Not guilty at all

“Guilty Pleasures” week on Dancing with the Stars has been fun on a couple of levels.

(Yes, I am just now catching up on DVR.)

First, it’s fun to see what cliche songs ‘speak’ to the celebrities.  The theme to Titanic.  Copacabana by Barry Manilow.  Disco anthems.

Stars…they’re just like us.

Which leads to the second thing I enjoy — imagining what song I would select in the same circumstance.

The Barry Manilow song catalog would be a good place to start, although probably one of the love ballads like Ships or Weekend in New England.  Or maybe I would pick a hit from the Kansas ‘Point of No Return’ album.

I thought they were very deep at the time.

Or we could always pull out the soundtrack to Les Miserables.

Bring Him Home should score a ’10’ with the judges.

Local boy done good
















So psyched that you won the Emmy for ‘Best Reality Show Host’ tonight for Dancing with the Stars. 

Finally.  So very deserved.

But don’t celebrate too hard.  The season premiere of DWTS All-Stars is tomorrow night!

Oh, I’ll be there.

The Ides of Carson

A friend had a brilliant inspiration during Dancing with the Stars last night that she posted on Facebook.  Today I devote The Egg to officially launch her campaign:

Dancing with the Stars Co-Hosts

That’s right — Brooke Burke out; Carson Kressley in.  If you watched last night’s results show, we all got a taste of exactly what that might look like.

Fun.  High energy.  Witty.  Filled with the unexpected.  All the things that an evening of hosting — and conversation, I would guess — with Brooke Burke is not.

Full disclosure  — I’ve never been a fan of Brooke.  I wasn’t when she started hosting; I’m not now.  While she is lovely to look at, I just don’t think she has much else to offer.

If she were flipping letters on Wheel of Fortune, that would be fine.  But DWTS requires she be quick on her feet, and she’s simply not.  Standing next to Tom Bergeron — the best host in the biz — well, it’s just sad.  And she’s not getting any better.

But Carson and Tom together?  Totally different personalities, of course, but both big.  Both bold.  Both smart as a whip.  And funny?!

Oh, I think America would buy tickets to that party.

Star power

Late Monday night on Twitter, Josh Malina (Sports Night, The West Wing) announced:

Today I’m pitching CBS the idea of doing a celebrity version of Dancing With The Stars!

And last night on The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson described the new cast as “that guy from that thing…and that girl that you hate to watch.”

Both funny — because they’re so true.

If you’ve seen the lineup for the 13th season of DWTS, you’ll be hard pressed to put names with faces for many of the so-called ‘stars’ without first reading their bios.  Or are the professional dancers supposed to be the stars this season?

I think they have more name recognition.

Now, I’ll admit most people know who David Arquette is — if not from his acting work, then from his recent and very public marriage troubles with actress Courtney Cox.  And Carson Kressley, of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame, has kept himself in the spotlight with other hosting gigs and a clothing line (and just generally being entertaining as all get out).

At the other end of the spectrum, Nancy Grace is well known for being a particularly repugnant ‘news’ personality.  And Chaz Bono — while not a celebrity in my book — has certainly made headlines with her (his) gender transformation.

But the remaining contestants?  Reality stars (or brothers of reality stars).  Names you haven’t seen on television for years.  Names you’ve only seen as ‘the girlfriend of’ a celebrity.

Names you won’t know at all.

I guess A-listers aren’t fighting to get on the show like DWTS would have us believe.  Or they don’t want to work so hard.

Perhaps they should rename the show Dancers Are the Stars?

Fist pump

It happens every year.

“Dancing With the Stars” casts someone who, when first announced, I deem ridiculous — a star I would never like, support or cheer for in any known universe.

And lo, four weeks later, that celebrity somehow has become my sentimental favorite.  The cameras have revealed a funny/unexpected/human side.  I’m nervously crossing my fingers that he stays on the show, even though he isn’t the best or most deserving of dancers.

I say “he” because…it’s usually a guy.

Jerry Springer was the first celebrity to bring me over to the dark side.  He was so much nicer and self-effacing on DWTS than on that embarrassment of a talk show.  He learned this amazing waltz and performed it on the show for his daughter’s wedding — I think everyone was upset when he was voted off the show.

Then Adam Corolla from “The Man Show” appeared on DWTS.  He just acted embarrassed to be there, but then Julianne turned him into a pretty darn good dancer, and he lasted longer than anyone ever thought possible.  Now he’s a regular on DWTS, doing tongue-in-cheek commentary on the celebs each season.  He’s become a real crowd favorite; I’ll bet he enjoys DWTS more than he ever thought possible (plus, it’s been good for his career).

This season?  I’ve found myself cheering for… The Situation from “Jersey Shore.”  (I know.  I just didn’t say it — I put it in print.)

I’ve never watched “Jersey Shore,” so all I know about The Situation comes from heresay in magazines and trash TV.  That hasn’t exactly painted the best picture of him.

But on DWTS, The Situation is humble and funny and appealing and comes across as a really nice guy.  Heck, he didn’t even show his famous abs until last night…and based on what I had read, I would have thought he’d be whipping out those bad boys on Day One.

By the time the votes are tallied tonight, The Situation may well be gone.  (His Argentine Tango was, shall we say, lacking.)  But I just wanted to say — Situation, you’re one of my fav’s.

And I’m as surprised as you are.

Broke Burke

“Dancing with the Stars” season 11 debuted last night, and I know I speak for many people when I say:  instant addiction.

(They put something in the water.)

If you don’t watch the show, you are correct in labeling it shallow and silly.  This show celebrates spray tan and spangles and D-list celebrities and the kind of dancing heretofore only seen in silent movies.

But with Tom Bergeron hosting — LIVE — that all works for me.

What DOESN’T work for me is Brooke Burke as his co-host.  I gave her all last year to get her very long legs under her in this job, but she continues to stumble.  Must the loyal DWTS audience endure an entire season of her constant missteps?

The problems start in the show intro.  Tom is exuberant, his voice filled with energy and excitement.  Brooke sounds like she is reciting the phone book.  Tom could ad lib his way out of a death row sentence; she can’t even come up with a different way to say “How do you like your score?” in the post-dance interview.

She’s beautiful to look upon, no doubt, and she did win DWTS a couple of years ago…but Drew Lachy was a much better co-host when he filled in for former co-host Samantha Harris during her maternity leave.

Would it be so terrible to have an all-male host team on DWTS?  Or, at the very least, two competent hosts?

We’re so excited you back, DWTS.  Don’t let Brooke Burke kill our buzz.

Go figure

There are certain subjects on my blog that don’t inspire big numbers.

(You know what they are.)

But I yap about them anyway.  If I can open even one mind — change even one point of view — well, that is a post well-spent.

And today, I feel I must spend just a little more time on one of my favorite topics — and not necessarily yours — “Dancing with the Stars.”

If you saw it last night — and let’s face it, you probably didn’t — Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek and his professional partner Anna Trebunskaya danced the Argentine tango…and scored a 30.  It’s a perfect score on DWTS and the first of the season from the judges for an amazing, deserving performance.

Now, from day one, people have said that an Olympic figure skater like Evan probably has an edge (pardon the pun, love that pun) in an dancing competition.  And I agree.

But I still loved this dance.  Not just because it’s incredible…but because Evan is a male figure skater.  And that particular breed of athlete is a big ol’ bag of stereotypes.

And this dance…blew them all out of the water.

Take a look.  See what you think.



I don’t think it was an April Fool’s Day joke.

AOL is asking — and letting people vote, ’cause that’s what we like to do —  what is the best live reality show competition:  “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars”?

As of this writing, “Dancing with the Stars” was winning 60/40.


AI may have been first on the scene, but DWTS is doing it better.  Here’s why:

1.  Judges — There are three unique personalities who each know dance, have distinct opinions on dance, and give actionable critiques after each performance about the dance. They are entertaining, yes — and Bruno just might be insane — but the celebrities and their pros know what they are doing right and what needs work.

2. Host — Tom Bergeron is simply the best host working in television today.  He runs the show with perfect pacing and energy, never baubles a scripted intro and — most importantly — can ad lib on the fly no matter what is thrown his way…and this show really throws it.

They have added a new co-host this year, former model and  DWTS champion Brooke Burke — gorgeous, but you could prop up a mannequin and not notice any difference.

3. Casting — This is where “American Idol” has the big disadvantage.  The judges and producers can pre-cast to their hearts content, but they are still dealing with raw, undeveloped talent. And the viewers decide who stays or goes.

“Dancing with the Stars” can choose from actors, singers, athletes and celebrities whose fame (infamy?) is an immediate audience draw.  Add their existing stable of pro dancers and you’ve guaranteed tears, injury, illness, scandal, laughs — oh, and dancing.

How can you not love it?

I’ve told friends to only watch an episode of DWTS if they are committed to following the rest of the season…’cause you can’t watch just one.

No foolin’.