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All dressed up

At the Sticky Egg, we have our Easter finery on today…



How ’bout you?

Enjoy your Sunday!


New bunnies, old joke



When Rory and I awoke this morning, we felt many eyes upon us…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I sense the eggs at my house have many guards. They’ll be no blatant candy consumption at my house!

(I’ll just leave the premises…)

Happy Easter!

Walking on egg shells

I am so grateful to not be a kid today.

Not because they are forced to grow up faster, or that the world is filled with far scarier things than when I was young.

No — it’s because children today are so sheltered.

Case in point:  some schools are calling Easter eggs “spring spheres’  to be PC…and the Sticky Egg can’t help but take this one a bit personally.

I understand the religious aspects of Easter can’t be taught to children in schools.  I get that.  I support that.

But Easter — like Christmas — is a holiday with a secular life.  The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are traditions that can be completely divorced from their religious counterparts.

You can hide eggs and chomp chocolate bunnies at Easter time without acknowledging the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ…just as you can decorate a tree in your house and exchange gifts at Christmas without celebrating the birth of the Christ child.

I have Jewish friends that do both without experiencing any religious conflict.

So, let’s just take a breath, shall we — and make sure we’re not so busy protecting our kids that we don’t squeeze the life right out of ’em.

(Spring spheres?  I never…)