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I was waiting to board my flight to Chicago last night when I heard a fellow passenger utter the familiar phrase:

I bleed blue.

I immediately knew a UK Wildcats fan was at the gate, so I walked over and inserted myself into the conversation. What were the chances?

And can you guess how long it took before we were discussing the UK/Duke game of 1992?

50 days

I hear voices

I had appointment after appointment today, so I was walking through the streets of Manhattan for hours….which meant I overheard a lot of chatter.

My favorites were between kids and their parents.

overheardEAVESDROP #1

Child: Mom, can I get a smoothie?

Mom: I don’t have any money.

Child: Well, can’t we just buy some?


Child: …we saw Adrian afterwards.

Grandmother: It’s nice that he lives close by.

Child: Yes, right by the sewer.


Child in Stroller: Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo…

Dad: Do you simply have to be heard all the time?

Child: (silence) Yes. Woo Woo Woo Woo
You’re welcome.

Here’s to eavesdropping

I was standing in a crowd of people today, unintentionally eavesdropping on the conversation of two people standing close by.  I admit it.

I even told them.

eavesdroppingOne of the woman said she was going to walk to the train station in Philadelphia after our meeting ended. I was headed there, too, and I knew that walking that far was out of the question…especially with luggage, which we both had.

So I told her.

We ended up sharing a cab. We also ended up on the same train — she was headed to New York City as well.

It was her first train trip, first trip to Manhattan, first trip to the cafe car.  She was joining friends here for the weekend.  I usually travel alone on business, but watching her excitement at every step of the journey made what was a routine trip home for me a lot more fun.

Glad I was listening!


On my way to the subway last night, I overheard a snippet of conversation as two girls walked by:

“…so then I threw it all up, and I have never eaten it again.”

Man.  I guess we all have one of those stories. Mine happened when I was 13 years old.

After a morning of shopping, my mom and I got chili dogs at the Midtown Drive-In in Mayfield, Kentucky.  They were a favorite.


On the way home, I started feeling not-so-good.  Bad, actually.  And I told my mom, who was driving the car, that we needed to pull over.  NOW.  Her response?

“Hold on.  We’re almost there.”

How does one “hold on” when you getting ready to throw up?  I don’t know now, and I certainly didn’t know then.  My clothes and her car upholstery suffered as a result.

And I’ve never eaten a chili dog since.

So…have you sworn off a food that turned on you?  Share your story in the comments section.

And enjoy your lunch!

Did you hear…

Last night I had dinner with a friend at the Pier 1 Cafe, an outdoor eatery on the Hudson River at 70th Street in Manhattan.  The weather was perfect, so it was a great evening to sit outside with the dogs and enjoy the view of the Jersey skyline.

On the walk back uptown, we were laughing at the snippets of conversation we overheard from passersby — everything from one man’s recitation of his daily pill intake to a teenager’s repeated, “So, what are we gonna do now, huh?  Huh?” to his rather bored looking girlfriend.

(We weren’t eavesdropping; they were just talking really loud.)

That’s when my friend told me about a website called OverheardinNewYork.com — a compilation of conversation overheard in New York City and beyond that is posted online for everyone to enjoy.

These hilarious gems are submitted by everyday folks; the website editors put them into categories — heard in the office, the beach, New York City, celebrity wit, and everywhere (as in everywhere else) — and then give them snarky headlines.  They let site visitors get in on the fun, too, with regular contests where you can submit your headline ideas.  Winners receive copies of the book Overheard in New York.  (Yes, there’s a book, too.)

Here are a few you might enjoy:

Mom to daughter, wandering off: No, come back here, I don’t want to lose you in the store. I already lost one of my kids that way, and that’s enough.

Wife: You’re so grim!
Husband: You made me grim.
Wife: Did I make you grim?
Husband: I’m not grim.

Girl: I’m so glad I don’t work nine to five.
Friend: So, when do you work?
Girl: Eight to four thirty.

Silly, right?  But if nothing else, regular visits to the website will make you feel smarter.