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Animal instinct

On my flight today, the proffered movie was Big Miracle, starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski — the whale movie, as you might remember it.

That’s how I did.

I had meant to see it in the theatre, but I tend to shy away from animal movies.  Even though I knew this one was positive — it’s based on true events — I hate seeing animals in any potential, dramatized or real trauma.

But I manned up and watched it today.  And I was right.  They found ways to make the animals — and me — suffer through this supposed feel-good story.

It’s so nice to cry with people you don’t know.

Which made the e-card that popped up in my Facebook feed today all the more timely:








You got that right.






Soon, I promise

Change is good.  I preach it; I teach it.

So why can’t I change my email address?

I am old enough to remember not having an email address at all.  When I was at Hallmark Cards in the early to mid-1990’s,  working on the first iterations of Hallmark.com and e-cards, the company didn’t even have email addresses for their employees yet.

That’s when I got my very first one through America Online…the email address I continue to use this very day.

Sure, I’ve had others…through different employers, for different interests. But my main email address, the one I give folks for my primary correspondence, is that AOL address I signed up for way back in 1995.

That’s one of the reasons I haven’t changed it – so many people from my past know it.  I’ve lived and worked in three different cities, with numerous individuals and companies since I became email-literate.  If I change that address, some might lose their only link to me.

But I also recognize that an AOL email address makes me look as dated and old as AOL itself.  Now that I have my own website, I should transition everyone over to an  email address branded with my name — not with some Internet dinosaur.

But change is hard.  I mean…

Change is good.