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Crowning achievement

The cover of People?


Wow, the Pope must be so excited.

This probably ranks right up there with his election by the college of cardinals in Rome.

I wonder what color smoke came out of the chimneys?








‘Cause it’s Election Day, baby!



Be prepared

Today is National Voter Registration Day.

Over 1,100 organizations are coming together in a national call for voter registration, especially in light of recent attempts to restrict voter rights.

There are over 700 events going on around the country today. Nationalvoterregistrationday.com has all the detes.

Already registered?  You can still:

  • Check the documentation needed to register and vote
  • Check the deadlines for registration and early/absentee voting
  • Check your state voter laws
  • Check your polling location and hours

And don’t forget to vote in November.

Friend of Hank

Has the endless string of GOP debates and cable commentary soured you on politics?

Perhaps this cat will change your mind.

Hank is an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate in Virginia.

And yes, he’s a cat.  A nine-year old Maine coon.

This write-in candidate can’t write. Or speak. But thanks to his campaign manager Matthew O’Leary, Hank has a platform.  And a Facebook page.  And a Twitter page and bumper stickers and yard signs.  He even gives interviews to the media.

But he never wears pants. Yep, just your typical politician.

What’s not typical is who is benefiting from his cat-paign (sorry).  All monies raised for his election are going to the Humane Society of Fairfax County.

I wish I lived in Virginia — just this once — so I could vote for Hank.

Rory Dog, however, is not impressed.