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Jump to it

With all the movie remakes that are out there, I am surprised that someone hasn’t decided to give Jumping Jack Flash a second go.

jumpingjackI’ve always liked it a lot, even though I think Whoopi Goldberg was miscast as the lead.

The film was made the year after Goldberg was nominated for an Oscar for The Color Purple, and directors were putting her in everything.

I’m not sure this was the appropriate vehicle.

But I think the movie’s spy plot centered on bank computer transactions could be updated for today, and cast with an eye for chemistry as well as comedy.

Emma Stone would be great as the lead. (Of course, I say that about most films.)

What’s that smell?

My ride to work this morning was long and slow because of an incident on one of the subway tracks. So I spent a lot of time with my fellow riders.

You’ve heard of ‘resting bitch face?’ One of ladies in my subway car had ‘resting stink face.’

My apologies to Emma Stone, but she looked much like this the entire ride.
Her expression didn’t change. She looked around. She read her paper. She searched for gum in her purse. All the while — resting stink face.

I found myself sniffing the air, trying to find the source of her disgust, but could find nothing more than the usual subway aromas.

Suddenly resting bitch face seemed calm and serene.

Easy A-ward

Dear Academy voters:

Emma Stone Oscar Please give the Best Supporting Actress Oscar to our gal Emma Stone.

I know her category is filled with amazing actresses who delivered performances equally worthy of the award…

But I think Emma’s acceptance speech would be one for the books.

Just take a gander at the statement she released upon hearing she was nominated:

Well, this is surreal. I am completely knocked out. Thank you to the Academy for this incredible honor. I am very proud and lucky to be a part of Birdman and can’t believe it came to this. I am so f–king excited. Are you allowed to say f–k when you’re making a statement for the Oscars? I’m just really f–king excited.” (via E!).

BOOM (figuratively dropping the microphone)

Easy laughs

I was doing a Google search for I-can’t-remember what and ended up on a page of gag reels on Youtube…movies, TV shows — you name.

What could be more perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon?

I have selected one of my favs for today’s post — Easy A.


Carrey’d away

File this one under:

Brilliant self-promotion most people don’t get

Even seasoned media outlets like the Chicago SunTimes were shaking their heads at Carrey’s online profession of love for actress and comedienne Emma Stone.

You’d think they would understand good ol’ fashioned PR.

Who’s the hottest actress on the planet right now?  Emma Stone.  So if you’re Jim Carrey and you’re trying to draw attention to your TruLife website, who are you gonna target?

Emma Stone

Is the video weird?  Sure.  Is it funny creepy?  Uh, yeah.  Is everyone talking about it?


And that’s exactly what Jim Carrey wanted.  So, for the SunTimes to say Carrey’s video love note “falls flat”…

…means the jokes on them.

Not ready for primetime

I haven’t had much to say about “Saturday Night Live” this season.

That’s because SNL has brought so little to the table.

They lost two cast members and hired four others this year, so it’s understandable that it would take some time for the group to gel.  But the writing has been pretty crappy overall — with a bright spot here and there — and most guest hosts’ talents have been wasted.

Like Emma Stone, for example.

Here is a very funny, versatile young comedic actress, and SNL cast her as the straight man in pretty much all of the sketches.  She did have a bright spot in the SNL Digital Short, because they let her be the star in that one.

Novel idea.  They should have considered that a few more times in the program…since she was the guest host, and there were at least a few people who tuned in because she was appearing.

They did the same thing when Bryan Cranston hosted.  He was used primarily in supporting roles, when he was used at all.

I can appreciate the fact that they need to establish the new cast members and their characters and imitations.  But when the guest hosts look bad, SNL looks bad.

Guess how things are lookin’ this year?

Made the grade

There are many reasons to see “Easy A.”

It’s smart.  It has a tremendous cast led by Emma Stone as Olive.  And most importantly, it’s funny.  Very funny.

Kudos to you, Bert V. Royal.  (That’s the writer.  Don’t worry; I’ve never heard of him either.)

Bert loaded the movie with great lines.  I’m tempted to see it again so I can commit more to memory.  But what I’m especially fond of are Bert’s adults.

Know how adults in teen comedies are usually just butt stupid?  (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is littered with great examples.)  But “Easy A” appears to take place in the real world, where not every adult is a simpering idiot.  They may make stupid choices — just like the teenagers that surround them — but at their core, they appear to have some intelligence.

Olive’s parents, for example, are smart and funny and handle her not-so-ordinary situation at school with a touch of humanity.  You can actually see how someone with Olive’s sense of humor could have sprung from their loins.

What a novel idea.

But perhaps we should expect that from a comedy that is inspired by the classic novel, “The Scarlet Letter,” which was one of my fav’s from high school (except for that first chapter ‘The Custom House’…pure torture).

Luckily, “Easy A” doesn’t let its highbrow beginnings weigh down the funny.  ‘Cause I did mention it was funny…right?

As thin as…

I was stoked to learn that “Paper Man,” a new movie starring Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone and my main man, Ryan Reynolds, was showing here in NYC. “Paper Man” is up at just two theaters nationwide…and I can get to one of them by subway.

In the words of my friend Jennifer…

“Rock on.”

In “Paper Man,” Daniels portrays a writer who can’t seem to move forward without the help of his life-long imaginary friend, Captain Excellent (portrayed by Reynolds).  Daniels meets Stone — who has her own childhood traumas — and they develop an unlikely — I should have underlined ‘unlikely’ — friendship.

I saw “Paper Man” last night.  And I learned two very important things.

Number 1:  A funny line does not equal plot.

Number 2:  Ryan Reynolds, his buff body so aptly displayed in superhero tights, cannot rescue a movie from the aforementioned lack of plot.

(I think I knew both of these before I sat down.  Tragically, the filmmakers did not.)

If “Paper Man” comes to your town and you are moved to see it due to the cast as I was, know that you will still enjoy looking at Ryan Reynolds’ sculpted body.  But you can do this by visiting the website or gazing upon the movie poster — no need to actually sit through the film.

That being said, I do think the performances were good.  The actors gave the material more than it deserved.

They showed up.

The plot…did not.