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Jolly good show

I managed pretty well…until today.

Hadn’t thought about it much. Hadn’t talked about it at all, unless a friend brought it up, and I figured then I had permission. But now?

The gloves are off.

The Emmy nominations were announced. And even though Downton Abbey has been moved into the Drama category — and has to compete with some pretty heavy hitters —

The Brits got ‘er dun.

Outstanding Drama. Outstanding Actress in a Drama, Michelle Dockery. Outstanding Actor in a Drama, Hugh Bonneville. Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama, Brendan Coyle. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama, Maggie Smith AND Joanne Froggatt.

Now we just have to wait and see how they do in the head-to-head competition. Actually, I’m not sure I can wait. I may need to watch the first two seasons.


Battle of the network stars

Premiere week for the fall television season is still a month away, but people are already talking trash on Twitter and Facebook about some of the shows going head-to-head for the first time on the schedule.

One match-up of particular interest to me is Thursday nights at 8:00pm — NBC’s “Community” vs CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” which is making the move from its previous home on Monday nights.

When I first heard this announcement, I got kinda stressed.  It’s not like I’ll miss either show; I have a DVR, so I’m covered either way.

The real question is — which sitcom will I watch LIVE?  Which show do I want to get the bigger slice of the ratings pie?

“Community” was one of my favorite new programs last year.  It was strong right out of the gate, and the characters and story lines just got more laugh-out-loud funny as the year went on.  I mean, seriously — did you see the paintball episode?  And Abed’s impressions alone are worth a look-see.

“The Big Bang Theory,” on the other hand, has been around since 2007 and is grossly underrated.  Jim Parsons, who so brilliantly portrays Dr. Sheldon Cooper, has received his second Emmy nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy this year, and I think he just might snatch it away from Alec Baldwin.  The show deserves a nod as well.  It’s one of the few comedies that is still filmed old-school (with three cameras) and is  frickin’ hilarious.  They love their geeks, and it shows.

So, who’s my choice to win?  Old friends vs new?  Cool dudes vs geeks?  Live vs Memorex?

I’m glad I still have a month to decide.