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The next post will be a bit delayed.


I’m sure you understand.

Late to the party

Dear Ray Rahman:

Thanks for writing your article in Entertainment Weekly encouraging viewers to watch ‘The Late Late Show’ on CBS.


Since my fav Craig Ferguson left in mid-December, the show has been hosted by a revolving cast of characters, giving — as you put it — the sense that ‘anything can happen.’

Where have you been, Ray?

For a decade,  Craig Ferguson embodied anything-goes television. His goal was to deconstruct the late night genre,  so his shows were always unscripted, unruly and universally  hilarious.

A gay robot skeleton as a sidekick? A dancing horse with his own on-set stall? Real, honest-to-god conversations with guests?

I’m just sorry you missed all the fun.

He’s who

Look who’s on the cover of Entertainment Weekly?













It’s quite a coup for the good doctor, who I am embarrassed to say I had never heard of until Craig Ferguson schooled me during episodes of Late Late Show. I now know what a TARDIS is and am proud to have a dog named after a central character…

For now, anyway (sniff).

Enjoy ‘officially’ taking over the USA, Dr. Who.  We who already follow you, salute you.

The company way

Congratulations Harry!

You are Entertainment Weekly’s ‘2011 Entertainer of the Year!’

I couldn’t be happier for you.

I guess I could have told you so in person tonight. I was in the audience for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

For the third time.

I know, I know…but I simply had to take my friend Caroline to see it before she left town.  It’s that good.

And while I had already seen it in March and April…well, that was a long, long time ago.  Things might have changed.  People’s performances might have altered.

And I was right.

The show was even better.

Late laughs

I could count on one hand the number of times I have watched “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” (Actually, it may only take one finger.)

I’m not up that late that often, and when I am, I tend to watch the hilarious Craig Ferguson on CBS. Love the Craigy Ferg.

But the appearance of RPatz — yes, I’m predictable, shut up — made me set my DVR to record Jimmy’s program last night. And while drinking my breakfast, I intended to fast forward through the program and watch Robert’s no-doubt stilted interview…’cause I just like to look at him.

But right before Robert came out, Jimmy rolled a short film called “Late,” a parody of  “Lost” on ABC. Now, I’ve never watched “Lost,” but I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, so it sure feels like it.

Last night’s film was the second ‘episode’ of the parody, and it was inspired….definitely worth a look.

“Late”  — Episode 1

“Late” — Episode 2 (scroll down)

Don’t want you to miss out because you value sleep…or Craigy Ferg, like me.

Public promote

My weekend has not gone as planned.

The plan?  Movies, movies, and then perhaps, if time…another movie.

There are so many I haven’t seen — “Young Victoria” and “Nine” are on my short list.  And I have only seen nine of Entertainment Weekly’s ’25 Movies to See before the Oscars.’


The long weekend stretched in front of me in opportunity.  The only other things on my to-do list were taking down the Christmas decorations and doing laundry, which I did simultaneously Saturday morning.

The rest of my free time was going to be spent in a darkened theater, eating trash food, being transported.


And then my DVR and my local PBS station ruined everything.

I mentioned yesterday that my DVR recorded the rebroadcast of Masterpiece Theatre’s wonderful ‘Little Dorrit’ — which I watched in its entirety on New Year’s Day.  I noticed this morning that it had recorded ‘David Copperfield’ as well — the version starring Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe in his first starring role.

So, once again, I found myself mesmerized for two hours this morning, watching another excellent Masterpiece Theatre production.  How fun to see Daniel Radcliffe and Maggie Smith together long before they played student and instructor at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter series of movies.

Many advertising campaigns in 2009 emphasized staying home and rediscovering the entertainment found there.   Apparently it took the new year to remind me of the wonderful programming available on PBS.

Next up — “Oliver Twist” and “Cranford.”

As soon as I get back from the movies.

Water torture

There’s a regular feature in Sports Illustrated called “Signs of the Apocalypse.”  The editors include sports-related news of the weird that they feel signals the end of days.

SI, I have a submission for you:  the ABC series “Wipeout.”

Have you seen it?

Contestants willingly hurl their bodies through a wacky, water obstacle course while original “Talk Soup” host John Henson makes fun of them falling head-first into the drink — because they always fall.

Jeff Jensen at Entertainment Weekly said, “I think the sight of people violently smashing face-first into big rubber balls, over and over and over and over and over again, is totally hilarious.”

I disagree.

I could only stomach the show for a few minutes.  These people are totally humiliating  (and possibly paralyzing) themselves on national television.  I’m sure there’s some kind of prize if you complete the obstacle course without falling into the water, but seriously — has anyone ever done that?

Last week during filming, a 33-year old contestant suffered a stroke. (I’m not all that surprised; I almost had one just watching it.)  Guys, the poor man died.

So, ABC — take note.  This show isn’t just stupid and humiliating.  It’s dangerous.

Stop playing with your balls.