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Take your hands off my lobby boy!

Reason #873 I love New York City:

The 10:00 am showing of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel was two-thirds full.

budapest lobby

Perhaps because we have all been watching the trailer for this beautiful, whimsical, fanciful film in theatres for almost a year.  And every time I’d think, “This looks so much better than the movie I’m getting ready to see!”

(Many of those times people in the theatre would clap, so I think they agreed, too.)

The best news? The film lives up to the trailer.  In fact, Budapest is, in my opinion, Anderson’s best movie to date.  The world he creates has the exquisite detail you expect and an amazing array of characters both real and remarkable.

But Budapest is a bigger yarn than Anderson typically tells.  While his Europe is a fictional one, some familiar dark elements surface that give its message more import.

And I want to go on record now — the film’s title song deserves an Oscar nomination. So does Ralph Fiennes, for a pitch perfect comedic performance.

Or should I say…on the nose, Lord Voldemort?


Movie twins

Remember The Blair Witch Project?

cu blair witchIt was released way back in 1999.  I unwisely saw the movie the night before a business trip to Europe.

It creeped me out so much, I didn’t sleep. At all.  So I was one tired, grouchy airline passenger.

Just looking at that movie still brings it all back.

cu doggieActually, one glance at this guy makes me think of it, too.

Uncanny, isn’t it?

I doubt that he has seen Blair Witch, but he certainly has the natural acting chops to pull off the close-up.

(The tongue is a nice touch, too.)