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One man’s nap ..

The New York City Marathon is being run today…


…and broadcast for five hours on ABC7.

And people make fun of me for watching golf on television.

Carry a big stick

I have never followed an intense exercise routine.

I am a big believer in ‘all things in moderation’ — in both food and physical activity.

But I have recently been inspired to follow a new upper-body strength routine that I think could catch on around the globe:


Donald Trump Pinata Challenge

1. Buy pinata in likeness of annoyingly-ignorant businessman and Republican presidential candidate.

2. Get really big stick.

3. Beat the crap out of that thang, honing upper body strength while reducing frustrations with Trump and flawed political process.

4. Repeat 2-3 times each week.

Note: if you put candy in pinata per tradition, this could reduce positive outcomes of routine.

1,000 pieces

On our evening walk today, Central Park was every shade of green.


As I came upon this gorgeous view, all I could think was…

What a doozy of a jigsaw puzzle it would make!

All hail the fist pump

I’ve watched a lot of tennis over the past fortnight — I’m watching it right now — and I’ve decided that we all need to take a lesson from players like Marion Bartoli and do a heck of a lot more fist pumping.

marion bartolimarion bartoli2



marion bartoli2marion bartoli





It just helped her win the Wimbledon ladies championship.

And we’re not just talking one fist pump after a great serve or a good point — sometimes she did four or five in a row.  Which got me thinking…

Why not fist pump my day-to-day activities?  Will that help me to do more?  Achieve more?  Win more?

Or even better, have great arms???

I like shirts

Just because it’s legal, you don’t have to do it.

This credo was painfully shoved into my eyeballs this morning.

Rory and I were walking home from Central Park when a runner — a man — walked past us, shirt off, sweaty, obviously in the cool down portion of his workout.

Boy With Hand Over EyesTragically, ‘shirt off’ was not his best look.

This guy made me look tan.  He was blotchy and had — mosquito bites, maybe? — all over his back.  Although he was working out, his physique was not ready for prime time. But everyone out on the streets was being treated to the display. Without choice. Without mental preparation.

I mean, what if I had eaten?

In New York State, woman can also legally walk outside without their top on, but…

Just because it’s legal, they don’t have to do it.

Just dog it

Rory and I were passed by a jogging dog and his human this morning in Central Park and, as always, I tried to read the dog’s mind.

jogging dogDid he give Rory a look of superiority?  You know — the one a long-time yoga student gives a newbie when he enters class?

(Not that yoga’s competitive…yeah, right.)

Did he scorn my dog’s meandering pace?  His aimless sniffing and peeing?

Or was that really a look of longing?  Did Rory’s relaxing walk spark a memory from his puppy days, when mornings didn’t include a mandatory three-mile run?

Perhaps he was just in the zone.  Focused.  Wired in.  Didn’t see me or Rory at all……

Good boy..

Thrill seeker

What do you do when you’re bored?

I read.  Go to the movies or a show.  Often just hop online.

Clearly that wouldn’t work for this guy.


Kudos to him for raising money for charity!

Fun is a’foot

Like roller coasters? Hiking, too?

Then you’ll love Duisburg, Germany.












Magic Mountain is an elevated walking path designed by German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. Rising up to 147 feet above the ground, this serious climb mimics a roller coaster…and provides some amazing views for hikers.

And walking in a loop-to-loop? Pretty cool.

Leave it to my German cousins to come up with a way to make roller coasters healthy. What’s next? Subways that are powered by footpower? Buses that we pedal?



Open arms

What can help you both build up your immune system and decrease your risk of heart disease and stress?

Hint: it’s not a pill, an exercise routine or the now ubiquitous green smoothie.

It’s the hug — that simple (and simply wonderful) one-on-one human contact between friends and loved ones.

Fantastic, huh?

Lucky for all of us, today is National Hug Day!  The holiday was established in 1986 to encourage PDA-phobic Americans to ‘reach out, reach out and touch someone.’ So now’s your chance to get out there and improve your health, your happiness and your overall state of being.

You’ll probably freak out a few people along the way, but hey — that’s just a bonus for feeling so gosh darn happy!

(See you out there.)

Walk walk

I was walking home from an early appointment this morning and waved to one of the doormen on my block.

“Sorry, I didn’t recognize you for a moment,” he said.

I’ve heard this one before.  “Because I don’t have the dog with me, right?”

“No,” he said.  “Because you’re walking so fast.  You and Rory normally just stroll along.”

This observation kind of took me aback.

I’ve always thought of myself as a fast walker — am in fact always being reprimanded by friends to “slow down” when we are walking together around the city.

I attribute my pace to my days at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.  The campus is sprawled out from North to South, and with only 10 minutes between some classes, you have to book — and I mean seriously motor — to get from one end to the other on time.

I thought my personal walk speed had been permanently reset.  Apparently Rory Dog has taught me how to slow down and enjoy the sights, sounds and people along the way.

Chalk up another life lesson to the “hairy human” in my life.