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The fine print

On my Delta flight back to NYC from Toronto today,  I was flipping through Sky magazine,  and an article on the Mississippi Delta caught my eye.


Where to go.  What to do. All the summer festivals,  food and drink.

As I skimmed the recommendations,  one bolded phrase caught my eye:


Pull up a chair and have a helping of barbecue at Kentucky’s Fancy Farm Picnic – –  the world’s largest picnic – –  held in August.

Look at that,  friends and family!  We’ve got another publication to add to the list!

I almost grabbed the PA from the flight attendant to get everyone to read page 83…but decided to let them discover it for themselves.

It’s more fun that way.


One to watch

For me to mention Fancy Farm, Kentucky on this blog — or the annual Fancy Farm Picnic — is no surprise.

I grew up there.

But for Politico Magazine to list this year’s Fancy Farm Picnic as one of the 14 dates to watch in 2014?

fancy farm picnic speechIt’s crack-a-lackin!’

There are no Fancy Farm natives on staff at Politico.  No, the Picnic earned its spot on merit — namely, the race for minority leader Mitch McConnell’s seat in the Senate.

If he survives the GOP primary in May, picnic goers can expect even livelier than usual stump speeches between McConnell and his Democratic challenger,  Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

And you didn’t just hear it from me.

Attitude adjustment

I wasn’t the big winner in the Fancy Farm Picnic car raffle.

The chances were slim, I know.  But anytime I enter a raffle or play the lottery, I seriously think I am going to win.

Crazy, right?

I’ve read the odds on the Mega Millions drawing.  It’s some insane figure like 1 in 175,711,536.  And yet, on the extremely rare occasions I buy a lottery ticket — or a raffle ticket for the Fancy Farm Picnic, where the odds are a wee bit better…

I really think I’m gonna win.

Does everyone who plays the lottery feel such certainty when they lay their money on the counter?  They’re investing — and losing — funds on a more regular basis, so maybe not.

But when the lottery says “you can’t win if you don’t play”…

I expect to win.

First Saturday

I may be in Manhattan today, but my thoughts are back home.

Best of luck to everyone working hard (and playing hard) at today’s Fancy Farm Picnic!  No one does barbecue better — I can almost taste it — and there might be loss of life during the political speeches this year.

I hate to miss that.

At the very least, could someone play a few cards of tab bingo for me?  And if that doesn’t work out…

…just make sure I win the car, okay?


Life’s a picnic

When your hometown is called “Fancy Farm,” people tend to remember the name.

Admittedly, it’s unusual….although it does sound a bit like a now defunct amusement park near Middletown, Ohio called “Fantasy Farm.”  (When I attended the University of Kentucky, I got that joke a lot.)

But on the first Saturday in August, there’s no confusing Fancy Farm, Kentucky.   Ask any local, state or national media outlet, and if they aren’t already there, they can certainly direct you.

The annual Fancy Farm Picnic is big news, and has been for 130 years.  Politics, pork barbecue and great people, all gathered at the party of the year.  Heck, it even made the Guinness Book of Records in 1978 as the Largest One-Day Barbecue in the World.

I was there.

Of course, I’ve been to a lot of picnics since I was five years old.   Playing games and eating barbecue when I was little.  Working in the ice cream booth that was my family’s responsibility.  We’ve had class reunions around picnic time, and lots of family from out-of-town — the ‘city folk’ — coming to Fancy Farm in August for this one-of-a-kind experience.

It’s small town America at its best.  Neighbors coming together, all as volunteers, working to raise money for the community church, proud of the tradition that generations of families have built.

And for the barbecue.  And the politics.

That’s the heart of it all.