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Fantasy land

This blog is only a couple of months old, and already I’ve found ways to mention “Twilight” three or four times. I may have stumbled upon the movie by accident, but I have totally bonded with the film, books, and Edward.

Have I been abused for my love of “Twilight?”  Yes.  Have I watched the movie a few times past healthy?  Perhaps.  Have I felt shame for my near obsession?  Mmmmmm…..no.


But that has all changed.

Yesterday I spoke with a man who is a member of five fantasy sports leagues.  Five.  Two fantasy football leagues.  Two fantasy baseball leagues.  One fantasy hockey league.  And one fantasy NASCAR league.

Fantasy NASCAR?  I didn’t even know there was fantasy NASCAR.  (And what’s the fantasy?)

If one man can have that many fantasy sports leagues and announce it in front of everyone with no shame, and no thought of reprimand or insult, then I can go ape shit over one measly little vampire film.

Fantasy NASCAR…I mean, seriously.