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One blonde, two blonde

the other womanI was ready for something light and uncomplicated at the movies this weekend, so Cameron Diaz’s new film “The Other Woman” seemed like a good fit.

A revenge fantasy, three women — the wife, the girlfriend who didn’t know he was married, and the gullible mistress — join forces to take their pound of flesh from the man who wronged them all.

Is it plausible? No. But the cast sells it, and I laughed more than I thought I would.

However, if you want to see a funnier Cameron Diaz movie that was also released this weekend OnDemand, check out Gambit.

gambit-posterThis comedy has pedigree:  The Coen Brothers as screenwriters.  A cast that includes Diaz (playing an over-the-top Texas rodeo gal), Colin Firth, Alan Rickman and Stanley Tucci.  And an art heist at its center with enough misdirections and surprises to keep you guessing until the final frame.

Plus, Alan Rickman is creatively nude.

(Perhaps I should have led with that tidbit.)

Being a sore loser

I thought I was over it.

I was wrong.

being ericaI loved Being Erica, an original comedy/drama/fantasy that aired on Soap Net before the network closed up shop in 2011.

Working with a very special therapist named Dr. Tom, Erica traveled back and forth through time.  With his help, she was able to revisit moments of regret and change her actions — usually in ways she had not anticipated.

The show was produced in Canada, and there were rumors it might be picked up by another network or produced in a new format in America.

Neither happened.

So now from time to time, I will encounter one of the show’s former stars in another TV show or movie…like tonight, when I saw Morgan Kelly [pictured above,  second from right] in a forgettable Lifetime movie.

I wonder if Brent misses Erica as much as I do?  And if yes…is anyone from the show traveling back through time right now to fix this whole cancellation nonsense?