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Wookie mistake

may 4thToday the truly cool will greet you with cries of “May the fourth be with you” to celebrate Star Wars Day.

Fourth obviously meaning “force.”

But what’s not so obvious — who decided the near rhyme “fourth” was worthy of this great franchise?  Why not one of the other available near rhymes for “force,” awesome words like:

  • farce
  • hearse
  • quartz
  • sparse
  • verse

I’m sure we could find fun everyday words and phrases that use these words, too, and shove “force” right in there.  And we could use them on any ol’ day that we pleased.  Phrases like…

  • bedroom force (farce)
  • smoky force (quartz)
  • Bible force (verse)

Yeah…maybe it doesn’t really matter who picked “fourth.”

Color your view

I saw The Oranges at the theatre yesterday.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a comedy starring Hugh Laurie, Oliver Platt, Alison Janney, Catherine Keener, Adam Brody, and Leighton Meester.

So there are a few good reasons to see it.

But some people argue that the subject matter of this comedy might be a reason not to.

In this farce — and believe me, it is really funny — the close friendship of two families is challenged when the dad from family #1 has an affair with the college-aged daughter of family #2.

Is this too taboo to even laugh about?  I say yes..but then I’ve seen it.  Other folks I know think it’s too icky to even go see.  But we see movies about murder and war and terrorism all the time.  Does exploring internal family strife — in the name of comedy — really cross the line?  At least give it a look before you decide.

Then judge, judge, judge.