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Who are you wearing?

I’ve watched pretty much every season of Project Runway — including the current season of Project Runway All Stars — and there is one area of fashion that the show rarely addresses:

The designers’ personal clothing.

project runway all stars






The designers famously arrive at their digs in New York (or Los Angeles) pulling a single wheelie bag.  Then they proceed to drape themselves in all manner of crazy outfit week after week.

Me thinks they are getting some help from the costume department…and the highly advertised QVC accessory wall.

That’s a conversation I’d like to see addressed during the post-season round-up, between play-by-play of all the infighting, of course.

Home bodies

“Good-bye, Atlas.”

If you’ve been watching Project Runway this season, you’ve no doubt heard the contestants bid their New York City digs adieu as they head to the workroom each day.

Like most reality shows, Runway is chock full of product endorsements.  Heck, each challenge is sponsored by an advertiser, and the producers usually make the design challenges a creative use of the featured product.

But for the Atlas, all they can come up with is shots of the apartments in use, and “Good-bye, Atlas” each time the designers leave the building.

Why not feature Atlas in a challenge itself?  Have the designers use textiles from the apartment in looks that are true to their design aesthetic?

No, what am I thinking…

Having them lovingly say ‘ta ta’ again and again is much more effective.

Catty about fashion

The conference tourneys are underway — March Madness has begun!

But this year the upsets aren’t limited to the games.  Seriously…have you seen the uniforms?

The Baylor Bears debuted this florescent-nightmare-of-a-postseason uniform last night in their win over Kansas State in the opening round of the Big 12 Tournament.

The color is foul enough.  (Perhaps they thought they would be playing under a black light at the Sprint Center?)

But if you look closely, the shorts have a tonal tiger stripe.

Umm — for the Baylor Bears?  Am I missing something here?

It’s been that kinda year in fashion for men’s college basketball.  Nike unveiled a line of uniforms that is so edgy — and so alike — you are hard pressed to tell the teams apart on the floor unless you look at their socks.

Perhaps the fashions designers need to take a time out and remember what men’s college basketball uniforms are all about.

College  Team.  Color.

And then just accept that Kentucky will always look best on the ‘cat walk.’

Animal magnetism

I read that Jason Segel, writer and star of the upcoming The Muppet Movie, cried when he first met his muppet co-stars.

I so get that.

I have loved the TV show since day one and consider Muppet Christmas Carol to be the most charming and heartwarming version of the classic tale to date. (I do not overstate here; watch it with your family.)

After seeing Jason’s turn and talent with puppets in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I trust him to update the Muppets for the big screen in their latest adventure.

And it looks like he’s getting a little help.

Major fashion designers like Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung have dressed Miss Piggy in custom made, signature pieces from their collections in the latest issue of InStyle magazine.

I’ve said it before, but it so applies here:

Pretty piggy.