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Guest blogger Rory Dog writes:

My Momma Dog is so silly sometimes…

It’s a good thing I don’t distinguish between feet and hands, or this game might offend me.

If the sock fits

Today’s post is a love story —

An ode to socks.

chenille socksChenille socks, to be specific…from Old Navy.

On a cold, snowy day like today, they are very much top of mind…and on the bottom of my feet.

I first discovered these gems during one of Old Navy’s ubiquitous sales.  I got an email, clicked through to the website and decided to give them a try.

You can never have too many black socks, right?

But these were my first chenille socks, and I was an immediate convert.  They are quite simply the softest, warmest, most durable socks I have ever owned.  And at only $3 a pair…well, let’s just say I’ve bought a truckload.

To be clear — Old Navy has not reimbursed me for this most earnest of endoresements.  I am just a huge fan.

(But if they wanted to send me more, I’d wear ’em.)