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Squint to sip?

Bloomberg isn’t in this ad for Pepsi — trust me, I’ve watched it several times — but the former New York City mayor’s fingerprints are all over it.

Mini cans of Pepsi?  I drink two cans of Diet Pepsi with a meal.  Going smaller is so…so…



Can’t touch this

What do your fingerprints say about you?

Not the old-fashioned ones the police lift on a messy ink pad — bacterial fingerprints.

Supposedly the mix of bacteria that live inside our fingerprints are unique and constant throughout our lifetime. Criminal investigators can now swab and sequence these bacteria to identify computer users.


With all the stuff I’ve seen on TV, I’m not all that surprised they have this level of technology.  I’m more interested in what my ‘unique and constant’ bacteria would be made up of…and what that would say about me.

My guess?  Animal dander, face powder, and Cheetos residue.  (I’m still not sure what that says about me…except Cheetos are a constant in my life.)

How about you?  If they swabbed your prints tomorrow, what three things do you think they would find in your bacteria?  Think of it as CSI without the body count (and no annoying musical stinger).

Thanks for playing.