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Penciled in

Okay,  I finally caved.

After watching a fellow passenger color for three solid hours on a flight from San Francisco to Minneapolis,  I bought two books this weekend and gave it a try.

It’s pretty darn fun.


This page is from a coloring book on Tokyo (which I visited in 2014).  I also got one on New York City.

I would write more,  but I think I  will color instead.

Friendly skies

Rory and I flew to Boston today.

Our flight was fairly uneventful, but then again, Rory didn’t spend any time in the cockpit.

turbulence dog





Flock me


No birds were harmed in the creation of this blog post.

Several birds tried to take me down, though, on my flight from Detroit to Lexington.

They filled the plane…so we had to wait over an hour while the unwelcome fliers were removed and the plane was disinfected.

It was a crappy situation, no doubt.

When we re-boarded, the pilot discovered the plane had a broken wing, so we had to change equipment altogether.

Clearly the airplane was on the birds’ side.

Rudy. Rudy.

I got upgraded to first class on my red-eye flight home last night from Phoenix, so I took my cushy window seat and starting prepping for a long sleep.

Then the man next to me started talking.

He was chatty and pleasant, so I figured we could pass the time until the plane was in the air. We talked about my job, and then his in private security. When I asked for what company, he pointed across the aisle to…

Rudy Giuliani

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Debut Episode








I decided I could probably spare the guy a little more talk time.

Eventually Giuliani took a bathroom break.  When he returned to our aisle, my new friend introduced us.  Rudy was friendly and personable; we chatted for a few minutes before he took his seat and slept the rest of flight.

Man, I love first class.


A cry for help

pistachios in shellI am on a flight back to New York City from Miami.

This handful of pistachios in the shell — objects appear bigger on the blog than they are in real life — is all I have had for dinner.

Flight attendants, please bring the cart with your food for sale!  I will buy it, whatever it is.


Starving, Party of 1
Seat 10C

Holding pattern

Don’t you just hate getting the go around?

That’s right — the ‘go around.’

My flight from Chicago got one from air traffic control as we neared LaGuardia tonight.

Airplane-Taking-Off We had just finished flying up the Hudson River and were within mere seconds of landing when the pilot suddenly accelerated upward, away from the airport.

As we appeared to leave the city, he explained that we received the ‘go around’ order because an aircraft was taking off on the same runway.

So we entered a holding pattern and landed about 20 minutes later.

Obviously we were very lucky, and I doubt anyone on the plane minded the slight delay.

But I’ll miss my stomach.


When I was in Singapore this past weekend, I thought about flying on to Australia.  It’s only a seven-hour flight.

This guy made that voyage by water…in the opposite direction.

world's largest rubber duck













Rubber Duck, a ginormous piece of conceptual art by Florentijin Hofman, was last spied bobbing about in Sydney’s Darling Harbor. Today the inflatable duck, which measures 46 feet tall and 55 feet long, arrived in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong for a month’s stay with a little help from a much smaller tug boat.

Let’s call it a Duck Boat — it’s earned it!

35,000 feet treats

Guess who took the flight with me today from New York City to Dallas?

garrettsGarrett’s Popcorn

American Airlines is now offering the yummy treat — a favorite when I travel to Chicago — on their afternoon flights over two hours.

It’s a mix of cheese and caramel corn — that perfect combination of sweet and salty — that disappears pretty darn quickly when you are reading a good book or watching the in-flight movie or trying to ignore the screaming baby.

(The baby rode with me today as well.)

I know the airlines are always trying to find ways to differentiate themselves — I think American needs to feature Garrett’s in their ads.

It’s that good, people.

Frequent flier

Thirteen years ago, Rory and I made our first airplane trip together — from Kansas City to Craigsville Beach on Cape Cod.


As we arrive home tonight from Kentucky — on what is easily Rory’s 30+ flight as an ‘in-cabin pet,’ I never take for granted his zen presence and sunny predisposition that make him an easy, breezy traveller.

Good dog.